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HOROSCOPES: What your week will look like according to your sign


Aries, this week ask questions instead of letting your mind fill in the blanks for the information you are missing. Listen to your intuition when it pulls you to remind you something isn’t right but do not let your mind wander without the truth.


Taurus, you have been looking forward to keeping yourself motivated, however, you will soon find yourself running on empty if you don’t confront the past you hide from. You don’t have to explore every pain you have ever endured but it’s important to face your demons. They’ll end up finding you, whether they are welcome or not. 


Gemini, this week you are being reminded of the motivation that has been pulling you along as you begin to remember the priorities you may have lost touch with. This week is urging you to stay true to yourself. Against all odds, choose yourself.


Cancer, this week it will be extremely difficult to stay organized. It should be advised not to do any major shifts or changes, especially within your workspace or even at home. Plan ahead and keep an inventory count of your important items.


Leo, you may be feeling your emotions being pulled towards the sky as they find new heights. However, this week it is crucial for you to explore what you wish to say instead of reacting on an impulse. Your emotions are valid and must be explored. 



Virgo, this week try to keep your ears open without offering many words. This is a week that challenges you to become more observant. This week could alter not only how you proceed in life, but shift the way you feel about yourself.


Libra, you haven’t shown many how advanced you are in some areas and what you’re able to create. Don’t shy away from taking the spotlight and be proud to show others what you’re made of. This isn’t being self-centered, it’s respecting your raw talents.


Scorpio, this week is a drastic call to honor your own energy instead of avoiding the problems that have been coming up within you. Sleep in when you can, call out for a mental health day. Prioritize taking care of your body and your mind before you don’t have a choice anymore.


Sagittarius, it’s important that you evaluate who you are bringing into the new year this week. There are some people that you may enjoy the company of, but they aren’t people you should trust with what’s going on in your life or personal matters. Make the distinction and draw boundaries when needed; protect your space.


Capricorn, you view the world in black and white so often you may forget what other colors look like. This has derived from you taking all parts of your experience to create your reality. Don’t sabotage those dreams by watering them down with an “I can’t” statement. Challenge it without losing your grounding.


Aquarius, it’s okay if you haven’t found what you are meant to do in life yet. However, take advantage of this week to explore what’s been calling to you. Dream big, dream small, but whatever happens, please know you are allowed to dream without knowing all the pieces of the plan yet. That doesn’t make your intelligence zero out.


Pisces, you may find yourself this week wrapping up loose ends within something that doesn’t serve you anymore. You may be feeling the pull to retire from your post and find something more fulfilling. Be sure you have everything lined up before taking an emotional leap of faith.