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HOROSCOPES: The Mistake You're Most Likely To Make


Sticking with a bad decision because, at least it’s a decision

You’re action-biased, Aries. You like a bad decision way more than you like no decision. But just because it pains you to move backwards doesn’t mean you can’t—or shouldn’t—pivot when it’s clear you’re traveling in the wrong direction. 


Keeping strangers at arm’s length

Taurus, as the sign most resistant to change, you could probably freshen up your inner circle. Your default response to new people is usually “not interested”—not because most people aren’t that interesting, but because you’re super comfortable with your regular crew. 


Double-booking themselves

Gemini, When you combine your natural lust for social stimulation with your disorganization, you inevitably end up in situations where you have to send texts like, “that was TODAY?” It’s not that you don’t want to keep every plan you make, it’s just so much easier to say yes and then let it fly right out of your head until you’re forced to remember again.


Being annoying about leaving your comfort zone

“Let’s just hang out at my place,” is what you sound like when you’re really enjoying someone’s company. If not, then you probably leave without anyone noticing. But either way, all roads lead back home. 


Spending your problems away

Leo. When you’re in the wake of a fresh heartbreak, moving to a new city, switching careers, or it’s just Wednesday—you’re ready to evolve into the next version of yourself. And that version needs a whole new wardrobe. Leos are all about shedding their skin and finding a new, more expensive self underneath. 



Speaking to others in the same tone they use to speak to themselves

Virgos, you’re often too hard on yourselves. No one meets your incredibly high standards and you notice everything that falls short. Your internal monologue can feel like an endless rant. And because Virgos have incredibly high integrity, you like to treat everyone the same. 


Ghosting when it gets too awkward

Libras, as the natural social chairs of the zodiac, your talent is grace, charm and making everything nice. So any disruptions in that are completely uncomfortable for you. But not every confrontation has to escalate into something ugly so don’t be so quick to cut someone off


One-upping when threatened

Scorpio, a little friendly competition with you rarely stays little or friendly. You’re one of the most intuitive and sensitive signs in the zodiac, which makes you a fearsome opponent and powerful ally. But even among friends, you can be susceptible to insecurity about your place in the dynamic. 


Doubling down on being insensitive

Everyone puts their foot in their mouth sometimes, Sagittarius, but not everyone defends it to the death like you do. You’re usually ready to take one flippant remark and make up some story where you are totally justified for what you said.


Purposely not having fun

Capricorns. You might have the most fun by not having fun. Capricorns tend to be serious and professional, even in relaxed settings, and it’s only natural for you to play up your demeanor—even if it’s not quite as delightful for everyone else. 


Making extreme first impressions on purpose

Aquarians, you waste no time when you meet someone new. No matter how high-stakes the introduction may be ,you’re looking to figure out whether or not they can handle you. 


Never letting go of an ex

It’s romantic to say you’ll never stop loving someone and then actually never stop loving them. But usually after a relationship ends, the healthiest thing is to truly let go. For you Pisces, the struggle is always between concerns and grand romantic ideals. You have no desire to live in a world without greater meaning, where your lived experience doesn’t connect you to a higher purpose.