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HOROSCOPES: The Best Day In December According To Your Sign


Best day: December 13

Set your sights on a new horizon, Aries. You might feel a burst of inspiration to hit the road and explore new places. Or, maybe you'll travel to new intellectual territory, which could have some new avenues for discovery at work or in your non-work pursuits.


Best day: December 19

This month will likely turn your attention toward matters of the heart. You could catch a glimpse of what you'll be called to reflect on and explore over the month, which could give a sense of empowerment.


Best day: December 18

With the full moon on this day in your sign, something just seems to click in one of your relationships. Whether it's the result of hard work coming to light or just a string of events, it's essentially a lightbulb moment. "You could find yourself recognizing what you need to make a partnership work, and how to honor yourself, the other person, and the relationship itself,".


Best day: December 16

Random moments of luck may feel fated in the stars for you. On this day, "It may seem like situations are arising that are surrounded by fate,". All you need to do is lean in; whatever direction you're feeling pulled is the direction you should go in.


Best day: December 19

This day is particularly aligned for romance: This makes it a great day to go out on a date with an S.O. or a good friend and indulge in all the things that you really love.



Best day: December 20

You might just feel inspired to step out of your comfort zone on this day, which is saying something for the typical, routine-oriented person you are. Let yourself be surprised by yourself on this day. Choose any activity you might not normally do, and see how it makes you feel.


Best day: December 19

You could feel your attention turned inward to heart-warming matters on this day. Slow down and reflect on what you might do to feel even more at home in your home. "This is a great day to entertain at your place with a group of friends or family”.


Best day: December 11

Whether it's picking up a new language or a new skill, you could find yourself making progress on mind-focused pursuits without any sort of friction on this day. You may feel supported on a lengthy journey toward a deeper level of understanding


Best day: December 28

It's time to loosen your jaw and ease your shoulders. Just before the year comes to a close begins one of the positive transitions for you. This means you desire to feel more belonging—and will inspire ways you might do that. 


Best day: December 21

Capricorn, this is your time to celebrate you being you, as the sun moves into your sign, and your birthday is on the horizon. "You'll likely find yourself feeling more energized and wanting to be in movement." You could find that people notice you more, and begin to recognize you more for your strengths than your weaknesses."


Best day: December 24

There could be some tension on this day and it will mostly be about resolution: Look back at the year, and consider where you encountered the competing interests of old and new, and how you navigated them. Clearer insights could emerge about whether you should continue on the path you chose at the time, or pivot.


Best day: December 28

The world is really your playground today, Pisces. This day opens up new and positive possibilities—but in your case, these possibilities extend to your entire persona. "It may feel like a rebirth of sorts,"