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RICH'S LIFE HACKS: Refrigerator


If you’re buying toys that are going to need BATTERIES….

Put the batteries in the fridge.. the night before they go in and they will operate twice as long.


Nail polish or nail varnish is best kept in the fridge. If you’re tired of clumps in your polish, trying keeping it cool. The fridge can help keep the paint from crusting up and turning solid.


Did you know storing your candles in the fridge or freezer actually makes them last longer? They will burn slower and drip less!


Make up products have relatively short shelf lives. If you don’t wear makeup everyday or have special occasion make up, it probably goes bad before you have a chance to use the whole bottle. Keeping it in the fridge can help to extend the shelf life by several months, buying you a little more time to use up those expensive cosmetics. Lipstick has been be replaced on a fairly regular basis. But storing it in the fridge can almost double its shelf life. Don’t waste it, refrigerate it!