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When you want something, you work to get it. You don't wait for permission or validation. You have a strong personality. But right now, someone might be making you feel less than confident about something you want, which may be causing you to worry. While all of these thoughts are worth investigating, do so only out of logic - not because of someone's lack of faith in you. Have faith in yourself.


A very convincing promise does not always result in a promise being fulfilled, so keep that in the back of your head today. If someone has recently let you down, don’t blame yourself for trusting them. You extended trust because you had no reason to think otherwise. Instead of getting caught up in feeling bad about it, put that energy into finding a solution.


You are probably coming very close to a deadline, and it is looming over your head like no other. since Gemini’s you have such high energy you likely jump from project to project. But you should know that if you make this your priority today, you may be able to finally complete what's left of it. Channel your worry into work.


As a loving and sensitive sign, you have a greater capacity for being vulnerable. The hurts hurt more. The pain goes a lot deeper. But your sensitivity also means that your ability to feel and accept love is much deeper as well. You are now starting an emotional journey where you know you could be hurt, but you are just as strong as you are fragile. Remember that you deserve kindness and love. Whatever happens, it will work out for the best, and you need to go into the day knowing this.


A plan is not working out for you right now . It may never come to fruition. This may be a big disappointment to you but it shouldn’t be. There may be a reason things aren't going the distance for you. But the universe is actually looking out for you. Instead of being a letdown, this could be a big opportunity. If you think about what you have learned through this experience, and apply it to what you do next, you will have more options and much greater chances for success.


A task you have no choice but to take on could be consuming your thoughts today. You don't want to have to deal with it, and you are anticipating a lot of aggravation from it. In your mind this task might be taking on a life of its own, and your thoughts about it are far worse than it could actually be. That means that you are suffering unnecessarily before you have even begun. So while this experience might not be enjoyable, and you would rather be doing something else, once you complete it, you will forget why you were so concerned.


You might have an upcoming commitment that you are dreading. You may be thinking about how inconvenient or annoying it might be. You can probably picture yourself wishing you could be doing anything else. But unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. Start expecting something different -. You really can change your future with your thoughts and your expectations.


Someone may be expecting an answer from you today. They may even be bugging you about it. You have been holding back, though, because you don't think they will like what you have to say, or that it is not the answer they are expecting. But whether you put it off or not, your answer will remain the same, and at some point, you are going to have to speak up. 


Even a well-planned adventure can wind up with problems. We can't predict everything. But you have a tendency to blame yourself when things go wrong because you do have such great planning and organizational skills. You see these types of failures as a flaw in your efforts. If you are experiencing a few glitches in your life right now… don't blame yourself. Use the gift you have for solving problems to address the issues. 


You may be upset over something that's going wrong with someone you relied on. You may feel so frustrated that you're ready to lash out for all that they have done wrong to you, But that will only create bad energy that will put that person on the defensive end of things. You might want to calm down and center yourself before you address this matter today.


You may have expected that you would take on a new challenge in the perfect way. You probably envisioned yourself working through this experience doing everything right. But remember that this challenge is new to you, and even though it's great that you pictured such a perfect performance, it probably wasn't completely realistic. But you will do a great job regardless. You are learning and getting better. But you may not be perfect the first time around. That's okay.


You don't have all the answers and neither does anyone else. You sometimes feel responsible for having all the answers, and your confidence may crash when you don't. But when you don't have the knowledge you need.. Think of it as an opportunity. It is the chance to explore and learn something you didn't know before, and that's always a good thing. If you are feeling nervous now about how a lack of information might make you look, use this chance to learn and to share.