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Don't allow the uncertainty that surrounds a certain offer or opportunity to stop you from taking advantage of it. You may be feeling burned out and perhaps a little disconnected because of a recent incident that involved you trusting someone or something that wasn't worthy of your time. Don’t let this keep you down. Push through to see the light at the end of the tunnel


Someone who you would rather not have to work with or even be around in general… might be a lot more complex and interesting than you realize. You may have developed an impression of this person under a false perception, but because it is real to you, you might never get to know someone who could be incredibly special. Think about this as objectively as you can and reconsider the idea of getting to know someone. The opinion you have already formed might not be valid at all.


Your energy might be taking over now as you consider the upcoming outcome of a journey you are just beginning. You are only at the start of this journey so maybe you are getting ahead of yourself. Whatever you do, just make sure you don't just breeze through it in an effort to get to the finish line more quickly. Immerse yourself in this moment and Truly experience it. 


If you don't have faith in yourself right now, or trust your ability to do a great job at whatever you put your mind to.. Or even trusting your ability to make good decisions… is likely the reason why a recent choice you made was not the greatest. You do have a good mind, and a logical way of thinking - even though you are also intuitive and deeply emotional. When put together, these traits can help you to do your best and to make great decisions. Remember that today as you set out towards something new.


You have always done certain things for someone in your life. As a protective Leo, you are there for the people you care about in whatever capacity is necessary. This might involve helping out, providing, reassuring, inspiring, teaching, and so much more. And although you don't do what you do for recognition or accolades, it is certainly nice to be appreciated. However, one particular person might have gotten to the point of taking you for granted, where they no longer realize the sacrifices you make. It's time to pull back a bit until they get the picture.


Think about How you want an upcoming encounter to go. Don't allow nerves and anxiety to steal the show. You are in complete control of how this situation goes. Even if the other people around you are a mess, or a jerk, or even intimidating, you don't have to dread it. Start picturing your interaction in a favorable way, and decide that you will handle whatever you face with grace, comfort, and confidence.


You need some scenic therapy today. The kind that can only be found in nature. You may find it by walking through your neighborhood, through the woods, a hike , or even in your own backyard. You may be feeling a bit more intense now, with lots of worries over small concerns that seem overwhelming. Use a good, long walk to clear your mind and release your mind from a state of anxiety. 


Someone may be trying to push you into feeling obligated to do something. They want something from you, and they aren't just asking - they are using guilt or other tactics you're susceptible to. Don't fall for it today. It would be easy to give in because that makes it seem like you are keeping a commitment. But if you have not made a commitment, then there isn't one to keep - so don't let anyone make you feel like there is. Use your time today wisely and do something for yourself. 


It seems like nowadays so many things offer instant gratification. You can stream a movie anywhere, and reach anyone wherever they are anywhere in the world. We have come to take so much in life for granted. So today, just enjoy life. Make something big that you have come to take for granted. Whatever it may be, let it remind you how precious life can be.


You may have recently agreed to help someone out or take on a certain role out of a feeling of obligation, or even guilt. But as this event is coming up, you might be starting to feel a lot of resentment that you have to be involved at all. But you didn't have to be involved - you chose to be involved. And since you have done that, you need to treat this experience respectfully - not regretfully. Do this from your heart, and you may even gain some sense of personal fulfillment from it..


This might be a cozy comforter, comfy couch, and pajamas kind of a day for you all day long. Let that be okay! We all need a day like this from time to time, and if that's what you're feeling, then give yourself to that feeling and do this for yourself. It can be an amazing way to recharge and refresh your outlook on life. And even if you can't do it today, make plans for it soon. Just having a day that's just for you to look forward to will lift you up.


Think about if you're feeling inspired, ambitious, and highly motivated. If you are, don't let that energy just die out. Don't let your energy go off in all directions without landing anywhere. Use what you are feeling now to accomplish something. Direct everything toward something that is meaningful to you. Too often you go off into fantasy land without actually having a plan. So This time, take the reins and make something great happen.