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 Take a deep breath and remember that everything is going to be okay. You may have a few more problems to deal with today, but if you decide to handle them with grace and a good attitude, it won't be bad at all. And after that, a whole new path rich in good feelings and opportunities will be open to you so keep your head up


 If only you could just get away from all the aggravation and difficult people in the world you would probably be a lot better off. But unfortunately, you can’t just walk away from your responsibilities today. You can use the power of your mind to create a peaceful haven until you can physically take that road trip or getaway. If you have the chance today, find a nice spot to sit back and chill.. definitely do that.


If you can tap into a happy memory today… DO THAT! You may be able to recreate a feeling that brought you comfort. Right now you are looking for a way to make a current situation work to your advantage. If you aren't sure what you're looking for or exactly how to get where you need to be, look back on a time when you felt good, and figure out what made you feel that way. That can give you an idea of the best start of your path.


 You have been doing a lot of looking back recently. You tend to do that often anyway because you have a nostalgic streak in you. Today is the day to move forward. This is a time to start looking to the present and the future with hope and joy at the prospect of what could be - not looking back to what was. Embrace the here and now.


 You may be in the process of figuring something out, and it may have to do with family. You’re probably tempted to reach certain conclusions based on what someone else is telling you, but there is a whole lot more to it. You don't have all the information you need to see things clearly. So for now, it is best to just observe. Take what you already know and apply it to what you see as you just sit back and observe. That will tell you more than anything you have been told so far. 


 If someone were to tell an unbelievable story, you would be the first to challenge it. If it didn't make sense to you, you would probably analyze it and dissect it until you were certain it didn't or couldn't make sense, and then just dismiss it. And most of the time, that will work for you. But sometimes facts are stranger than fiction, and something you're hearing now just might be the real deal. Before you dismiss it, dig deeper. There might be some benefit for you in this


 Someone in your life has dared you, challenged you, or even forbid you to cross a certain line. Now, mind you, it isn't up to that individual to decide where you go or what you do. They probably feel that you are crossing over to their territory and are fearful that you will do better than they could. But whatever the reason is, it's irrational and unfair. Remind yourself today that you can go anywhere in life that you want to go. You are a fair-minded person, so no doubt you are entitled to this if it's what you want.


 You may not want to show someone how much you want something, even though they have the ability to help you out. You’re holding back because you aren't one for emotional displays, or for putting yourself in positions where you could be vulnerable. But this may be a one-time chance, to get something that is very important to you. This individual may have the power to open that door for you. Tap into your deepest feelings today and take it from there.


 The personal life of someone you care about may seem to be unraveling. Because you are a dedicated problem-solver. you may feel the urge to jump in and intervene to set things straight. But what you are seeing might not be the end of the story. It's not your role to get involved, even though you care so much. You should be pleasantly surprised by developments that are now in progress. When they become obvious, you will be grateful that you did not get involved


 Before you can find success in any area of your life, you have to define what it is to you. You may be aiming high for something now, but this goal could only be a part of the equation. Start focusing on what will make you truly happy, and start strategizing on how to have it all. Today is a great day to get started on that.


 Communication is important in absolutely any relationship. We strive for this in our personal connections because they represent the majority of our interactions. But those other relationships we have - at work, or with people we deal with on a regular basis - contribute to the happiness or the stress we have in our personal relationships. Today, work on trying to make a critical relationship better through good communication. 


 You may be in the process of building a foundation for some goal you wish to achieve. Although you may be very eager to get started, you can't rush ahead with this one. When a house is built, the foundation is its stable support system. It determines how everything else will progress and hold up, and the same goes for the building of your goal's foundation. Don't cut corners. Don't rush through it. Keep reminding yourself to do it right, even though it will require lots of patience