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You may not understand a hurtful thing someone has said, but hold back from reacting to it. The very fact that you don't understand it or know where it's coming from is a good reason to be reserved in how you handle it.


 Being happy with what you already have is so important. When you bloom where you are planted, you inhabit a world that offers you joy every day. And ironically, it's the best way to enrich your life even more.


Don't react to someone who tries to push your buttons today. They may know you very well, and their main goal is a reaction, along with a sense of somehow being better than you. 


You need to take yourself a bit less seriously. You have a tendency to dwell on negative things that have happened, as if you could change them if you think about them long enough. But obviously it doesn't work that way. 


You are a hero to many of the people in your life, and you may have a reputation for being fearless, even though you are only human. But if there is some fear you need to express now, you must do so. 


Someone you recently encountered or will encounter soon may be very impressed by your ability to stay on top of things, your efficiency, and your work ethic. To you, these things are second nature, so you don't understand why they are so impressive. But this is a gift you were born with, and it has great value. 


For you today, a big job you need to tackle will require a narrow focus. In other words, rather than looking at the entirety of it and feeling overwhelmed, try to look at what small piece of it at a time you need to tackle. When you do it that way, it won't seem so large and imposing.


You may find a clearer, richer understanding of someone in your life who often mystifies you. The thing is, this individual is probably more like you than you realize. Reflecting on this person will help you better understand your own relationships with other people


You may now be observing, analyzing, and strategizing how to get something you want from someone. This is not a tangible thing though - this is more of an emotional thing. You want a connection, and believe it or not, they also want a connection with you. 


Imagine the following: You live within a reasonable distance of a coffee shop, and you are in the mood for a cup of coffee. You have the option of walking there or driving over. Both have benefits. The car will be faster and easier, and you can listen to the radio. The walk will be good for your body and mind, and you may enjoy the scenery more. You are facing a similar set of options in a project you've taken on. You may be having a hard time deciding which is better - but it may just be a matter of figuring out which best matches your current mood and circumstances.


An irritating problem won't seem like a problem at all if you treat it like a creative endeavor. If you have ever taken on a project that allows you to stretch your creative muscles, you know how fun and exciting it can be. If you could apply that feeling to the problem that has been causing you stress and sleepless nights recently, you will not only be able to handle it successfully - you will also enjoy the experience as you learn and grow


Jealousy is just half a step away from admiration. When someone is blown away by something you do well, they may feel that way because you can do something they can't do, and that's impressive to them. Keep that in mind today if someone seems to be jealous of an accomplishment of yours.