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Don’t be fooled by a fancy presentation or persuasive presenter today. Someone who has something to gain may be trying to entice you into an arrangement that won’t work out well for you. Ask yourself what this person stands to gain and what you stand to gain. Be judicious in assessing any situations that seem even slightly off and listen to that little voice in the back of your head. 


If you experience low self-esteem or your confidence isn’t the highest, you probably take criticism to heart. You believe it is a sign that you can't succeed, or that everything you have done is wrong. If someone is offering you feedback now on something you have accomplished, stop being stubborn and use what you can to make things better.


Take this advice seriously today. Don't die on a small hill. You’re probably irritated, aggravated, and generally getting madder by the minute about something someone close to you did. Whatever you do… DO NOT blow up and react to it because at the end of it all… you’re going to be the one hurt. 


If someone starts flirting with you or showing you attention today… ENJOY IT! enjoy the attention and admiration, dear Moonchild. You are someone who can be shy and rather reserved, and so you don't always allow yourself to show that vibrancy. This is a chance to revel in who you truly are and to enjoy whatever and whoever it draws into your life. 


Hope is not tangible and neither is determination, positive thinking, or dedication. But you have all of these things in abundance, and they will have a real impact on a new journey you are on. If you keep this in mind as you go forward, you will find that the journey you have just begun is going to be everything you imagined it can be, and then some. 


What do you think about before you go to bed at night? If you have been experiencing restless nights recently, it may be due to not just the crazy schedule you have, but also to the pressure you always seem to put yourself under. At night, you need to turn all of that off. Be more conscious of that. 


A "white lie" is called that because there is some level of innocence about it. In other words, there is no real harm intended. With all of this being said, You don't like to lie because you value your integrity and your reputation. But right now, you may be faced with the choice between sharing a painful truth and choosing not to. You need to trust your gut and do what you think is right… even if you have to throw a white lie in there


Good fortune doesn't just arrive at your door and knock. Almost all of the time, you have to go out and meet it. Rather than waiting for a lucky break, you need to be prepared by learning and doing all the things you can to be ready for it. Today is a day of preparation for you


You may have pictured yourself following a certain path toward something you’ve wanted for a long time. Now that you are finally starting to follow that path, don't be surprised if it's a bit overgrown. There is more to clear away before you can make progress so don’t beat yourself up over it


There is someone in your life you have done a lot for that doesn't seem to appreciate all of your efforts. They probably just assume that helping out is easy for you, and they are more focused on their own needs than on the fact that you have gone above and beyond for them. Instead of getting worked up and icing them out… Be forgiving.


You can make a change you want to make through your power in a certain role. If you choose to do that, others will follow because they have to. You will have other people believing in what they are doing, and they will act from the heart accordingly 


A crack in a sidewalk may trip you if you don't notice it, but you aren't going to fall into a ditch. You are at a point now in an endeavor where you are noticing a few problems. Don't ignore them. This may have tripped you up already, but because it's only a minor issue, so don’t take it seriously.