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You are a tough person and it is really a part of your personality. You don’t take crap from anyone and you aren't afraid of a challenge. But don’t get so caught up in being tough that you forget about your sensitive side. Today is a great day to let people see that. 


You can find something to complain about today if you want to because there is probably something in your life that isn’t going the way you wanted to. But keep in mind today that complaining rarely does anything good, other than being a way of venting. Find a positive way to let off any negative energy you are feeling. 


You love someone, and so you have been enduring and tolerating that person's behavior. Maybe they have done something wrong or maybe they’re taking advantage of your kindness. But whatever the case is, you don't have to let them get away with it just because you love them. Take some initiative today and let them know how you feel


A lucky break that you are about to experience has nothing to do with luck at all. This is really important for you to recognize because you often attribute the good things you experience in life to randomness. You have done so many amazing things in your past to get to this point. Take credit where credit is due.


You are someone who often acts on impulse even though you strongly believe in strategizing and planning. Today, even though you may have a powerful impulse to take a certain leap, you need to think it through more carefully. Trust in your gut feeling, but create a strategy and put a plan in place first


You are, by nature, a very kind and polite person. You don't like to hurt anyone's feelings, and you’ll avoid that at all costs. But you can still be polite and kind and considerate while expressing something that is bothering you. So you may be avoiding someone in your life because there is something pressing that you really feel the urge to say, but you don't want conflict or to hurt anyone's feelings. Just find a gentle way to say it, and you may find the other person will be grateful to hear it


A certain person keeps popping into your life in some random way. Maybe you keep encountering this individual in your daily routine or maybe it’s someone you know from others. Maybe that person's name even keeps coming up in conversation. Take not of this because this is definitely someone you should make an effort to know, because clearly, the universe is pulling you toward each other. 


A plan of yours is falling into place even though it might not feel that way right now. Because there is so much chaos and uncertainty, you probably can't imagine how that could lead to things working out for you. It may not seem logical, but that sense of chaos you’re feeling is the evolution of an answer to your plan. 


You may be wondering if a recent turn of events in your personal life is good or bad and it may involve someone who has been drifting away from you for some time. This may feel like a pivotal moment but that's because it is. This is your chance to truly feel what it will be like without that person in your life. So this is your chance to make amends or close the door


You may be feeling that it would have been nice if a certain thing had turned out differently for you. It didn't turn out badly and that is something to be grateful for and happy about. It could have gone in other, less pleasing directions. And what's more, it may turn out to be the happiest ending after all. You'll see that the ending you received is opening up a whole new world to you


You are an inventive and innovative thinker but you are also strongly guided by logic and common sense. Today, someone might try to get the practical side of you in order to talk you into something. And while their argument may sound quite good and reasonable, you need to step back and think about it for a while. Don't jump into anything today, even if it sounds very appealing. 


When something goes wrong, you might see it as some sort of punishment - maybe for something you feel guilty about. There is a great plan for your life, and sometimes even those things that seem negative have positive effects later on. You don't currently know how a recent disappointment might turn around so stay optimistic