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Today is a day to push your boundaries! Knock down any limits you have set for yourself because you are more capable than you think. An offer is coming to you soon that is within your power to take on so don’t let something from your past hold you back


If you find yourself walking down memory lane today, get out of there asap! You have so many amazing things going for you that it is a disservice to look backwards. Do yourself a huge favor and learn how to let go of things that no longer serve you.


If something in your life seems too good to be true right now… it’s probably a good idea to look more into it. You have been let down by people you love so its okay to be on edge a little bit. But sometimes great things manifest in unusual ways, and this could be one of those times so today could be a good day to dive into it more 


Doing the right thing is not always applauded or even noticed so don’t feel some type of way if you don’t receive any instant karma. Stay humble and continue to do right by the people you love and things will work out in your favor. 


You are more of a leader than a follower and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your courage and your ability to speak up for yourself and for others always pays off in a situation where you are asked to be the boss. But take a backseat to someone you have helped in the past today. 


Everything is going to be just fine. Please recite that mantra to yourself whenever you need reassurance today. Even though you may have a lot to worry about right now, it is going to work itself out. Don't stress yourself trying to control everything.


Someone may have put you into a position to be a teacher and even though there are other things you would rather do… know that there is a reason. You are a master at your craft and are truly admirable in the way you handle your workspace. Take some pride in yourself today and remember that you’re where you are for a reason.  


There is someone in your life who you admire because you feel like you align with them on many levels. But don't be disappointed if this individual makes a choice you do not agree with or approve of because You are you, and you need to stand with what is right for you.


You may have formed an idea of something big that you want out of your life through the ideas and perceptions of other people. You have heard or seen others achieve what you are now hoping for, and it looks so good on them you’re getting a little bit jealous. But you are getting very close to an opportunity that could help you to get what you are wanting. But before you dive in head first, make sure this is something YOU actually want. NOt what other people think is right for you.. 


Be careful what you wish for." Those are your words of wisdom for the day. You’re asking for something and you’re probably on the verge of getting it. But what you really want might have changed since you started this whole thing. Follow what your heart wants and don’t become too prideful.



Someone may be trying to get you to do something for them because they are incapable. Stop letting them make you feel guilty or obligated for not wanting to. Stand your ground and respond to it accordingly. Stop letting people walk all over you.


You are about to choose an option that is not exactly what you want and it is probably because you think that’s the only thing you’ll get. Just wait a little while longer and Remain patient. You may find that something that represents exactly what you want may open up for you.