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The problem that keeps popping up in your life should really be looked at as a gift. I say this because it really is something important. I know you have probably become resentful over it but if you try and look at it from another direction it can really be one of the best learning lessons.


If you’re feeling stuck in the middle when it comes to two people you love… try your best to stay out of it because it’s really not your issue to resolve. \Walking away is an option and it is definitely the best one right now. 


Know that when you put yourself down, it really does no good for your self worth. I know life sometimes seems like it’s too much to handle and you might be trying to work through something that is really difficult… but try your hardest to be your own cheerleader today. 


When you put your mind to something there isn’t anything that can stop you. You are stubborn… sometimes to a fault… but you’re willing to follow through on what you believe in. Keep on pushing forward and the cards will change to be in your favor. 


You believe in giving credit where credit is due.. I mean it's only fair. So when when someone doesn’t give you the credit you deserve, it really does feel like one of the worst betrayals. But this is where I have to remind you that not everyone is going to be your #1 fan… so all that means is that you have to be your own.


You wouldn’t get onto a bus, train, or plane without any idea where it was going right... You’re way too practical for that. It’s time to take control of your life and stop letting people dictate how you feel about things. 


Today is gonna be a day of good fortune for you! Ya know.. If you lost a piece of jewelry while swimming in the ocean, it is unlikely that you would ever see it again so you might as well write it off as being lost forever. But there is a chance it could wash up on the shore soooo with this being said… keep your eyes out for the little blessings in your life. 


Stop limiting your choices in life based on the perception of other people. Explore the opportunities right in front of you because you never know what can come of it. Take a second look at things and go for it with your heart first and your eyes second.  


FINISH THAT JOB YOU STARTED! Finishing it up will give you the best feeling of achievement and it will free up more time for you to do things that you actually enjoy. There may be a few parts of unfinished business in your life right now… but just focus on one thing at a time.


It’s fine to want security in your life and you’re willing to work for it. But remember that there are plenty of well off people who are unhappy. If you assume money, or really any other exterior factor, can bring happiness or peace, then you’ve got it all wrong. I would take time today to reevaluate your priorities



Communicating with a difficult person in your life has always been a challenge and because of that… you have probably avoided communicating at all. You don't offend anyone so it is easier to just beat around the bush. But if you continue to do this… you’re going to miss out on some really important relationships in your life. 


Although you are always willing to stand up for what you believe in and speak up to defend yourself, you don't really like conflict. You are more likely to remain silent and walk away than to voice your opinion on something that bothers you. Today is the day to stand up for yourself!!