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Stop making that task you don’t want to do more complicated than it needs to be! You’re only punishing yourself and it's easier to look for the simpler solution anyways and just get it over with.


Be careful in the way you communicate today. If you have some important things to tell someone, don’t just automatically assume they get what you’re saying. You need to be direct about what you’re talking about so there is no confusion.


You have way too much to do right now then deal with that complicated problem you’re facing. I know you like to think you’re really good at juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time, but this time it's different. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes. 


Putting things back together is a lot of work… but if you’re patient you can really end up with a beautiful thing. Think about this when you think about a relationship that has become a bit faded over time. Remember what you started with, and do the work. 


Your concern over someone you care about is blocking your own ability to be happy. You are someone with a lot of emotions, and you feel whatever you feel very deeply… but feeling bad won't help another person feel better. Just try to be uplifting with your words today and see how it affects someone


Don’t anticipate that something you have planned is going to go haywire. Your mind is powerful, and just as you can use your mind to manifest good things in your life, you can also use it to manifest unwanted things in your life.


If you recently forgave someone for doing you wrong, you’re probably having a hard time forgetting about it. You always hear the term forgive and forget but it is a lot easier said than done… So with that being said it's okay to be a little cautious with this person in the future. 


You might have recently got a taste of something you wanted, but it was only a small taste and now you want more. Stop being so greedy and you still need to embrace what you already have before you go for more. If you don't fully appreciate that small taste, then you will lose sight of how to appreciate more


No matter how organized you are, you still have to stay on top of your path to keep things neat and tidy. Even though you may have a place for everything, if you start slacking off, you will eventually wind up with a mess. Try your best to regain some control so you can have some peace of mind. 


If someone is offering to help you out with something, don't turn them down without doing a little more research - especially if no one else is willing to help. This person is your friend and not your enemy so take advantage of it where you can.  


Its okay to be proud of yourself for standing up for something or someone! Right now you may feel like you are standing alone because no one seems to be supporting your choice to speak up but that does not mean that you aren't being supported so keep your head up 


You may have learned something you wish you didn’t know, and now you don't know what to do with that information. It's probably painful, or awkward, or even uncomfortable. And now you feel the need to share what you know with someone else but before you do that… Think about how to handle it. Remember that ignorance is bliss