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If you’re feeling stressed, find a way to get yourself out of the funk. Take a hike, or a walk, or whatever you can to keep your body moving. It’s time to stop putting things off and get it together. 


You’re so quick to judge someone based on even a little bit of information. It’s not always a bad thing to be smart about the people you surround yourself with but don’t let it be a reason you push people away. 


You tend to be really realistic about things which is why you might be on the fence about helping someone out. You don’t want to be taken advantage of but you also don’t want to upset someone you love. It’s probably best to take a back seat for a while and just go with the flow.


Be really careful about getting involved with something that you aren’t too sure about. You don’t want to get involved with something that has all of the right intentions but has the possibility to backfire. Get your thoughts organized and move forward that way. 


If someone admits they were wrong to you and apologizes, you might just find the best option is to just accept it and move on. Even though you may be hurt or angry over what happened, when someone recognizes they were wrong and swears not to do it again, that's a good thing. Give people a chance. 


You need to start manifesting the things you want in life. This is important now because you feel you are at a fork in the road or perhaps a turning point, and you could be losing hope. But if you speak things into existence… you never know what will turn out for you. 


Stop stressing about that little mistake you made recently. Everyone knows it wasn’t intentional so it does no good to continuously beat yourself up. Instead take it as a learning lesson and move on


Make sure that you read in between the lines of what someone is telling you. When it comes to certain people… their intentions aren’t always pure and a lot of the time they are just out for their own benefit. Be smart about who you give your time to 


You’re not always the best at standing up for yourself when it comes to something you want but don’t get. You typically have no issue about speaking your mind but things might be a little different for you right now. Find out what’s right in your heart and go for it. 


You can’t force someone to take advice that you’re giving them just because you feel like you know what’s best. You don’t want anyone feeling resentment towards you because of your unrealistic expectations of them. Stop pushing so much and see how things change in your world. 


You may not feel fully prepared for a conversation that will take place today or very soon. Stay calm and don’t get too nervous about it because you need your confidence to be high for this one. Do some research and go into this situation prepared. 


Someone in your life has disappointed you numerous times in the past but for some reason you keep letting them back into your life. It’s okay to let some people and some situations go. You deserve better