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Let this be your reminder that you are doing the right thing even though you aren't being acknowledged for it. You chose to step up and fix something that should have been fixed by someone else, yet no one has thanked you, let alone even noticed. But don't blame them. Just be proud of yourself and gratitude will come later from somewhere else


Some well-intended advice you offered someone may have backfired on you recently. Even though your intentions were pure, what you had to say may have hit a nerve wrong. Just give that person some space and everything will blow over quickly. 


Sometimes we experience delays and disappointments in our lives and sometimes, these things happen simply because we just need a break. You may be worn out right now and you probably just need some time for yourself.


It's one thing to be open to other things and willing to compromise… but it’s another thing to give up just about everything you want to please someone else and to keep the peace. Take some time to reassess what you're doing and what you’re about to agree to. You can do better


It's a bit too late to make a New Year's resolution… but it is never too late to make a change that you think can make your life better and more desirable in some way. If you feel there is a way you can change your life for the better, start now


There’s no wrong answer about other preferences in your life. Someone might be criticizing your taste or your want for something that they just don’t appreciate or understand. But to each his own, right. Take that to heart today, because you deserve to immerse yourself in what you love


Someone might be telling you that you are not moving fast enough to complete something you're working on, but how would they know? Since you are the one who is taking this on, it really has to be right for you and no one else. If the pace that you’re moving at feels right to you, then it's right. No questions asked


You may have developed a worrisome picture of your near future. And because of this, the pictures in your mind are causing you to overthink. But remember that this is not based on reality at all... It is based on your imagination. Today, replace those concerning thoughts with good ones


Too many things have gone wrong, or simply not worked out as they should have for you recently. But before you form a concrete idea of how things "should" have worked out, be more open to what life presented you with. If something isn't working out right now, maybe there's a good reason for it. 


When you're really worried or stressed out about something, it can be really difficult to figure out where you need to go next. If you’re in this position right now … and need to make some decisions about what to do, try to find some way to come back down to earth and think about this clearly and calmly. 


Someone in your circle has an awful lot to say. They may be going on and on expressing their opinions, and they may even sound like they know what they’re talking about. But just because they know how to talk the talk… that doesn’t mean they have it all together. 


You matter. This should be as obvious to you as it is to those who love and admire you… but you may need to be reminded of this today. Life is a learning experience, and as we evolve, we all get better at it.