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There is no shame in changing a project that you are working on. Sometimes things are a lot harder than we perceive them to be and it's okay if you need to step back and reevaluate. Don’t let anyone test your limits today because someone is definitely coming for you


It can be intimidating to question someone who is in a position of authority, especially if they have that authority directly over you. But if you see that something isn't right, and you don't raise the issue, it could have a bad impact on you and probably others around you. SPEAK UP!


Recently you might have done the right thing for the wrong person, or you might have even done the wrong thing for the right reason… and because of that… your moral compass is probably flying in all directions. My advice for you today is to really reflect on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it… that way people don’t end up hurt by your actions. 


The best option you have right now for dealing with that difficult person in your life isn’t really the best one. But you do have to handle the problem because if not its just going to drag on and on and on. I know things might not feel ideal right now, but things will become clear very soon.


The recent realization that you had about a dream that is not going to become true, is a really devastating moment. You are someone who feels everything very deeply, even though you don't always show it. Try to maintain hope, even though you don't know what a happy ending could look like now. There is one coming


Sometimes, a temporary solution to a problem is the only option you have. And even though you want to be done with a problem you have to manage, you have to utilize your resources in order to get it handled. You will probably have to address this situation again in the future… which is really annoying… but it’ll all be okay because you’ve done it before. 


When someone's opinion does not match up with the facts… its easy to assume that their opinion is just flat out incorrect… but thats not always how things are. Facts can sometimes be misleading and its important to remember that today because someone is going to voice their VERY strong opinion to you today. Be ready for it. 


Your powers of perception are exceptionally high today and you may be feeling that something is off in your personal life. If you have a gut feeling that someone isn’t telling you the full truth… trust that feeling because they are probably not being honest with you. And anyone who isn’t honest with you has no reason being in your life. Today is the day to cut those ties.


If someone were to ask you an important question while you were sitting in a small room under the glare of a lightbulb - as it is often depicted in the movies during interrogations - you might not be able to answer. Even if it was an answer you should know quite well or that should come to you easily, the pressure and intensity of the situation could cause confusion. If you are feeling pressed now to answer something that is important to your happiness, don't force it.


You probably believe that a logical approach to a dilemma involving a matter related to family or friendship would be the best way to go. BUT IT'S NOT! Think outside of the box because the way you have traditionally handled things hasn’t worked out in your favor. 


A process that you know will have a big reward for you at the end of it seems to be dragging along very slowly. You may have hoped that you would have reached a conclusion by now, and the waiting is quite frustrating. Don't question why you are being forced to wait it out. Be patient.


Someone in your life may believe that you are making a bad choice because you are being ruled by your emotions. But to you, that makes it the right choice. Anyone who might be judging you can't feel what you are feeling, and therefore they can't understand why you feel the way you do. Go with your heart on this one.