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If you’re in the process of changing something in your life… remember that it is okay if not everyone agrees with you making that change. You don’t need everyone's constant validation.


A decision is coming up and it is going to have a really big impact on your life. Know that the role you play is an important one, and even though it may seem small, it is essential. You have more power than you realize. 


If you’re not feeling like yourself today, go ahead and treat yourself to something nice… you really do deserve it. Don’t underestimate yourself and know your worth because big changes are coming. 


Someone in your life - someone whose presence typically brings you comfort and warmth - may have recently responded to something you said or did with anger. Naturally, you are taken back, But don't just assume this reaction has something to do with you, or with something you did. 


If you’re searching for an answer to something.. Stay calm… I know how easy it is to overreact as a Leo. You haven’t been forgotten about… so in the meantime… find something else to focus on. 


Mules are a cross between a horse and a donkey. They have the agility of a donkey and the larger size and strength of a horse. Mules can be stubborn, though… kinda like you, so it may take some time trying to get them to go where the rider wants - but they travel safely, allowing the rider to experience all the beauty around them. This analogy applies to you today. You may have a friend who is not perfect, but they are perfect for you. 


The sooner you speak up about something you would rather not talk about, the sooner you will get the relief of it FINALLY being over with. Avoid pouring your heart out or being vulnerable right now. Stand your ground and stay true to yourself. 


There is some hope in a situation you’re facing… so please stop dwelling on the negative possibilities. Take advantage of the chances that already exist to make things successful for you. Turn your attention away from the less desirable possibilities and aim for the more hopeful side of things. 


You may have some trouble today convincing a loved one to break out of their routine. You’re a really adventurous person and would love to take this person along for the ride but they aren’t showing any interest. Don’t give up just yet but also don’t overwhelm them.


If you’re feeling the need to be a little bit more frugal… it might not be such a bad idea. Retail therapy isn’t always the answer! Save some money for a rainy day because one is coming up for you pretty soon. 


You may have noticed that it suddenly seems much easier to get along with someone you have never gotten along with before. Even if you never understood why, there was just something about your personalities that seems to have clashed. But now it's just easier, and you need to take note of this and encourage it.


A dramatic turn of events may be taking place in a family matter that involves some level of conflict - and the origin of it may go back quite a number of years. Instead of running away from the issue like you always do…take the situation head on and finally bury the hatchet.