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You might be feeling that your sense of purpose in a certain area of your life might be struggling a little bit. Some recent experiences have left you feeling less hopeful, a little more cynical, and lost. If you’re feeling this way… Take some time to nurture your emotional wounds and then come back out swinging. 


Listen very carefully to someone else's ideas for something you are trying to do. You probably already have an idea of where it’s going, but if your goal is to make things as good as it can be… hearing out another person's thoughts can help you clarify your own and possibly make your approach even better than it was before. 


Someone who is generally very straightforward with you is being very vague about something you want to know and it’s honestly starting to fire you up. You have to stop being obsessed with getting all of the answers. Relax a little bit… This isn’t a life-or-death situation. 


That thing you’ve been bottling up inside is starting to get to you.You are an emotional person and in this case… this is something that is deeply personal to you. Today is a really good day to go out and find someone you can trust and get things off your chest.


If you are looking for reassurance, comfort, and hope today… take a good look around you. If you are looking for some kind of a sign that you are important and protected by the universe.... Here it is. Choose happiness today, and happiness will choose you


It is easy to judge someone based on what they do for a living, where they grew up, where they went to school, or even the clothes they wear. We tend to form opinions based on these things, even though each represents only a small fraction of a person's life. Be careful today not to jump to an opinion of someone based on what you can see. 


You generally have a good idea of what you are dealing with in life, but you need to leave space in your plans for spontaneity! The more open you are in your approach to things, the better off you’ll be. Remember today that it’s okay to have a little bit of fun


The simple pleasures in life are the memories we wind up appreciating the most. Your little cousin's birthday party in the backyard... a midnight swim with some friends... or even going on a walk with your partner can bring a different type of joy to your life. Today, try to be "in the moment"


Did you know that many old-time remedies were derived from the forest and from herb gardens? Some of those healing agents were used to create modern-day medications. Although today someone might see these kinds of natural remedies as too old-fashioned to actually work… but in reality they formed the foundation for treatments that are used today. So keep this in the front of your mind today and don't dismiss a suggested solution to a problem now because it seems old-fashioned or out of style. 


You are someone who is filled with love and compassion, yet in some ways… you have built a 12 foot brick wall around your heart. A recent experience has you feeling hopeless in some areas of your life, and so your self-protective answer was to just ice people out. But don’t do that today because there's a special someone in your life and the compatibility is through the charts.


Sometimes, the best approach to an overwhelming problem is to address it in an indirect manner instead of trying to tackle it head on. Coming in with a plan of attack might cause you to go under so remember that today if you're feeling panicked about a problem you're facing. Try a "sideways" approach to it


A conflict has exploded recently in a personal relationship of yours. You may truly believe that you understand how the other person feels - but that's not possible… you’re not them. Even though you know someone very well, that doesn’t mean you are privy to experiences that have shaped them or experiences that have led them to where they are right now. If you really want to understand, then start trying to understand. Don’t just listen to respond.