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You might be feeling a lot of resentment towards someone in your life recently. Today, take a good look at the patterns of this relationship and once you recognize the imbalances and where they are coming from, you will figure out ways to fix it. Don’t cut your ties just yet. 


Your thoughts are going to be tested today, but that doesn't mean that you're wrong. It just means that you need to educate people on where your opinion is coming from. Stick with what you believe in.


Here’s your reminder that if you think anything through, you can find a way to overcome it. Don’t hold onto things more than you need to. You are only throwing away moments that can make a huge difference in your future


If you’re planning to pour your heart out to someone soon... you need to realize that the other person might react by pouring their heart out too. With that being said.. There’s some information coming out that will surprise you. As long as you are prepared for an honest dialogue, this can be a really good thing that could have healing benefits.


The idea of quitting when you're ahead can be difficult to navigate. Today you need to tune into your gut instincts to know when to quit with something that is going quite well for you. If you have the feeling that you have reached the height of potential in this, then you’re probably right


If your experience or wisdom is called upon today, just be yourself and do what you would do in any other situation. This one is no different. As long as you tap into your natural problem-solving gift, you will get it right. No one will be judging you for how you go about it 


Although you may not be a hoarder, you have significant attachment to things and memories that represent comfort and joy to you. But if you have recently found that these attachments are so important to you that they’re taking away chances to experience something amazing, then you need to address it. Make room in your heart to live in the moment - not just in the past


Our human nature causes us to associate certain things with the way we feel about someone. Today is not a day of judgment so go forward in your day with that in mind. It doesn’t take much to just be kind. 


You’re going to experience an emotional rollercoaster very soon. Be cautious of the way you treat yourself from now on. Once you finally see the light, make sure you honor yourself appropriately


The missing pieces in your life right now are causing you to feel different, and responding to this new information might be a mistake until you have all of it. You won't be missing out on anything by holding back for just a little while. 


Your quirky, natural charm is endearing and your ability to see things in ways that no one else can leads others to turn to you when they can't figure out their own problems. But when you possess rare talents, other people are sometimes jealous. If you experience this from someone today, be helpful rather than defensive. 


Instead of assuming that a chance you’re taking will lead to nothing at all, assume that you will be a winner anyways. An opportunity is on its way to you and it won't require much of an investment… but it will pay off big.