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A recurring problem has conditioned you to expect less than the best, but what's coming your way will turn all of that around and help you maintain a much more upbeat and hopeful state of mind about everything. 


Someone is going to come to you seeking help with a small problem today. But once you agree, you’ll find out that the issue is far more complicated and serious than you initially realized. Ask a few questions to know if and how you can fit this into your schedule before you agree to carry out some task or a favor for someone


Your social life may be a bit crazier than usual right now. There are new people in the mix with big and unusual personalities, or maybe someone you already know will show a quirky hidden side of themselves. But whatever it is, you can handle it. Not everyone will get it, or will enjoy the vibe, but that doesn’t matter. Gravitate toward the people you enjoy most and have some fun


While you may be at the end of something, and although it may have more bitter than sweet about it, it is also a fresh start. It may not seem like much right now, but you are on the cusp of a new world that will offer you so many exciting experiences. It won't be long before you begin to see all that you can have as this change starts to transform you


You should be feeling grounded today, and ready to take on any kind of challenge that comes to you. But even though you may be feeling fierce, centered, and poised to handle a difficulty you are expecting to face… you may find that it catches you a bit off guard, anyway. 


You’re so preoccupied with planning out every last detail of an upcoming adventure that the adventure itself has become something of a by-product. Try to be more carefree as you get ready for whatever it is you are looking forward to - a vacation, a family event, whatever - and you'll wind up less stressed when the day actually arrives


You may be hoping, and even expecting, that a certain person in your family or social circle will want to pitch in and give a boost to an idea you have been working on. You’ll find out though, that they will behave in something of a stingy way. Don't take it personally. Just accept it. 


You can certainly accomplish a task you recently volunteered for or inherited on your own... But if you choose the right support system and surround yourself around the right people…, you will do a much better job at it., and you'll work through it very quickly. Don't underestimate this assignment, even though it may seem like a casual thing


Taking a new and different direction might be warranted with a project that has not been all that fulfilling. You may have had high hopes for this, but at this point, it has become more about pouring a lot of energy into something that is only lackluster. 


Someone in your life is so excited over something they will soon reveal to you. You probably won’t understand how they would think this is something you would welcome, or even accept… since this person knows you quite well. But there is something about the situation that you are missing. Try to see their story through their eyes, and you may come to realize why this news is so important to them.


No matter what you do, and no matter how well you do it, there will always be someone who is going to judge you. You might hear from someone like this today as it relates to a goal that you are really proud of. Don't let someone's critical words or pushy advice get to you. They’re just be trying to establish their own value in your success and in your life


Rumors and gossip are running rampant around you and it's related to a change in your social circle. Although you may not like to give attention to this kind of thing… It's too hard to ignore. Even if you don't yet have the full truth, it will be helpful to let other people know that there is more to the st