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You are a tough nut to crack... Or at least that’s the impression you give off to people. Today, try to meet someone halfway. If you find yourself being defensive, try to loosen up and take things less seriously. 


Figure out where your breaking point is today. Ease off a little because you don’t want to send yourself into some type of downward spiral. Your main priority is your own well-being and state of mind. Slow down and catch up again when you can


When you're going through something tough and someone tells you to "think positive,"... it’s a lot easier said than done. But as a whole you do have to work at thinking positively, because you don't just become a positive person instantly. Monitor your thoughts more closely today, and see where there may be room for improvement


A difficult situation in your life is changing you, but that’s alright. In the past, you have become stuck in unpleasant emotions when things didn't work out. But now when you face a challenge, you are able to recognize that you can find a way to turn it around. Things are changing for the better so keep your head held high today. You don’t want that crown to fall off


Just as you can find out you love a new food you didn't think you would like until you tried it… the same things can happen in your everyday life. We all form perceptions based on our own experiences, and if we bring old perceptions to new experiences, it isn't always the right thing to do. Someone new in your life, may not be your usual cup of tea but give them a chance anyways. 


A friend or family member is constantly bringing drama into your life. You’re having a really hard time understanding why because you tend to stay away from those kinds of things. If this is causing you stress or anxiety, it’s time to take a break - especially if they are trying to surround themselves around you. 


Someone you have been rooting for isn’t going to succeed in the way you are hoping them to. Focus on being a great friend today and continue to be encouraging and positive. Someone in your circle definitely needs it right now.


You might feel confused by the recent outcome to a problem. You just over-thought what you thought would happen, and you have been a little bit pessimistic because of it. Let this be a lesson to you that it never hurts to expect the best for yourself. 


Someone in your life is not acting as they should... But your preconceived ideas about what is best for this person are standing in the way of having a much more level relationship with them. Try to lose some of your ideas about what is right and what is wrong for them, and just let them be themselves. 


An old perception of yours needs to change, no matter how you feel about it. Try to wash away your previous thoughts and take a fresh look at things. You’ll be a lot better off for it


A brilliant idea of yours may be put away in a pretty little box in your mind, set aside for a day in the future when you have more time for it. Even though it still holds great potential, there is always the chance that you will slowly forget about it, or lose your ambition to take it the rest of the way. Stay encouraged and get it done


Try to see an upcoming venture in a different way because the path you've been traveling on… isn't working out. But if you mentally rearrange the path, it will open you up to new and exciting perspectives and ideas