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You might find yourself around some bad energy today. Someone around you is going to be complaining about something, but this is your opportunity to fix whatever it is, so that it works better for you too. 


You have a strong difference of opinion with someone in your world. This has to do with values and morals and the way you believe life should be lived. Try being tolerant and non-judgmental while you maintain the beliefs that you have today. 


Your greatest strength and your luckiest characteristic today will be your flexibility. Your ability to go with and adapt to changes will be instrumental in making a new journey successful. Remain adaptable and the people around you will reciprocate your energy.


You’re really hoping that karma will catch up with someone around you today. This person may have wronged you, or even someone you care about. And even if this wrong was not intentional and came through ignorance or arrogance, you still feel passionately that they should feel the same hurt. Don’t obsess over it because the karma will follow regardless. 


Take a deep breath. You don’t have to be in a constant state of worry all of the time. Things are actually looking good for you, so spend your day thinking hopeful thoughts instead of being concerned.


Pace yourself today, or you may risk running out of energy before a big event. Stop rushing to get things done, because if you exhaust yourself mentally and/or physically, you won't be in top form. If you feel the need, stop and take a power nap, meditate, or do something that relaxes and refreshes you today.


You may be feeling uneasy about siding yourself with a certain idea. Whether this has to do with your work or with your personal business, you need to follow what you feel. Speak your mind today because your opinion is valid


Be cautious about a business matter today. While you may fully believe that some wild ideas you have to make things even better will be warmly and enthusiastically received, you could be wrong about that. Overanalyze everything today because you might be missing something that's right in front of you. 


Charity begins at home. But kindness also begins at home- especially to yourself. When you are kind to yourself, and you treat yourself with compassion, understanding, and forgiveness… then it is easy to extend that kindness to others in the world. Right now, you may be thinking of someone resentfully, but that may be tied up in the way you feel about yourself. Remember that today, and things will take a bright turn


As children, some of us were taught not to be too confident. The thought of being overly sure of oneself was thought of as being arrogant or cocky. But you have to have faith in yourself as the foundation of who you are. If you are feeling really good about something you are investing yourself in now… go with it. Don't let anyone tell you that you're overly confident. 


You may not get the answer today that you have been hoping to hear… but you will get an answer. While it may not be what you had pictured would happen, it represents a starting point. Now you can form a plan around the facts rather than the hopes or expectations today. 


When the unknown comes into play, it is easy to think the worst. But, if you think about it… it is also easy to think the best! Make that your way today, and you won't be disappointed.