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If you focus too much on the past… it will only stop you from making the most of what you have now. Don’t get caught up in a past failure or a hurtful experience because it will cause you to limit yourself for fear of repeating a mistake or a difficult situation. Look ahead and carve out a completely new path because the road ahead is wide open to you now


You can't force someone to go along with you today, Taurus, but you can show them why they should. There may be some controversy over how to follow through with a plan. Even though you are certain that you know how to proceed, you may need the acceptance and cooperation of others. If you find yourself at a stalemate, use the opportunity to demonstrate why you believe what you do. With patience, you can build a fractured force into a unified effort


Someone may be telling you that something you want… or something you want to accomplish is not possible. If you have a big hope or dream, then you have to be your own cheerleader and your own source of inspiration. 


Don't be afraid to hope for the best today. You happen to be somewhat superstitious, and you might think that expecting the best can only lead to your hopes backfiring on you… But that's not the case at all. Despite some recent setbacks, things are working out for you in wonderful ways.


You’re overthinking something you want to do with the idea of making it as perfect as possible. You need to recognize that you’re probably causing the opposite effect. You need to be more carefree today… so try to think about what will make you happiest, and don't over analyze what you plan to do. 


You can't tell what's in a beautifully wrapped present until you open it up. Colorful paper and curly ribbons will leave you with hopeful ideas of what might be inside… but the reality may not match the vision. But remember that the opposite is also true. A plain brown bag could hold something AMAZING. Keep this in mind today.


As you enter into a hopeful situation that has a lot of similarities to something in the past… you have to remain positive no matter what. Sometimes people make the mistake of feeling doomed to repeat something that was difficult… But when you realize that you are stronger and wiser for that experience, you are becoming more powerful


Don't let fear stop you from doing something you want to do today. Instead… let it help you to be cautious with what's causing your concerns. If you use fear to guide you and avoid what can go wrong, it can be a pretty powerful thing. Just be sure that you don't allow it to get bigger than you are. 


Your concern over someone else's problem is causing you to neglect a problem or a challenge of your own. While you focus on what someone else is doing wrong, or what could happen because of their mistake, your own issues are lingering. You have no control over what another person does… but you do have full control over how you address something in your own life. Focus on yourself today


The potential of an offer or opportunity seems really good and you would like to have certainty about it, but that’s not possible just yet. You are someone who has a strong need to be as certain of an outcome as possible, but sometimes you need to rely on what you feel rather than on what you know. 


Your mind sees the value in one thing, while your heart wants something completely different. Try to envision each option all the way through. Imagine what will happen with either scenario, and see how that makes you feel. You already have the answer - you just have to envision it


The line "History repeats itself" has no power over anyone who truly wants to avoid repeating something that did not turn out well. So don't get down today by a past event. You are not doomed to repeat anything. Be strong and determined, and you will rise above what you fear today