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An argument that has recently come up or that will be coming up soon may be the sign you need to change something in a relationship. It might not be the most pleasant experience at the moment… but it will bring the chance to discuss something with the other person that probably should have been talked about a long time ago. 


When someone is facing a big problem, it may be the only thing they can think about. The bigger the problem, the more intense the thinking. If you are facing that type of problem right now… take a break from it. Don't allow yourself to think about it. Take a break away from it and do something carefree. 


When you are lacking in confidence or concerned about how something will appear… even a compliment can seem suspicious.But know that the accolades you receive today over something you are currently working on or have just completed… are absolutely genuine. You may have doubts, but you shouldn't.


A conflict within your circle - but one that does not directly involve you - might have very clear sides drawn by the time you hear about it. This could be a family matter, or one involving close friends. But keep in mind today that even if you have strong feelings one way or the other, you might be smart to sit this one out. 


If you want to avoid confrontation in the future over an agreement you are discussing or working on now, be as straightforward as possible. You need to make sure that you have not missed a thing, or it might appear later that something may have been done intentionally if there is ever a conflict. Tell the truth in the beginning and thing will wind up working out for you


Boasting, bragging, and blowing your own horn aren’t always characteristic of your nature. But today, you should do a bit of that. An opportunity may be hovering around you, but someone who has the power to put you in the position to receive that chance may not be aware of what you're capable of. Let everyone know, and a big break could come your way


You may feel that someone is praising you because they have ulterior motives. You may think they are trying to win you over for some reason… But even if they do have ulterior motives, that does not mean that the praise is not genuine or that you don't deserve it. Make the most of a chance or an opportunity that comes your way today


There may not be an elephant in the room at a family gathering… but there is definitely something smaller and slightly less noticeable… like a mouse. There is a situation among people who are important to you that no one wants to talk about, even though it is out in the open. This is your chance to raise the issue in a quiet but helpful way today


There may be something you have not thought about in a long time, but, it could bring back thoughts of a dark time in your life and a problem you suddenly feel the need to address. You may have pushed that memory to the back of your mind, but you are finally able to deal with it. Now you have the wisdom and the experience to do so. This is your sign.


A new person in your social circle or with some connection to your family has really piqued your interest. There’s something about this person that feels familiar, and you can’t put your finger on it. But whether this feeling is good or bad, you need to keep an open mind. 


You may be extra sensitive today, and therefore more inclined to read into whatever others say and the actions they take. Hold off on coming to any conclusions, or reacting to anything you perceive that isn't positive. By tomorrow, you should feel steadier and more realistic in your interpretations


Today is a day to observe what is going on around you. There are many layers to a current situation you are experiencing, and absorbing all of it is the best way to come to the right conclusions