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Many of us carry around fears that we know, somewhere deep down, are probably a little bit ridiculous. But we engage and invest in those fears, and entertain them anyways. A lot of the time we use them as excuses for not trying something we would like to try. But today, try to treat a fear with the appropriate skepticism and do what you really want to do


While it may go without saying that "life lessons" happen frequently in the lives of younger people, but no matter how old we are - we’re still likely be gifted with lessons throughout our lives, well into old age. If you’re struggling with something, and it would help you to see it as a gift. Your struggle represents a chance to learn something valuable


You can seek out other avenues for getting what you want, but if a certain person in your path represents a chance to gain entry towards a certain goal you want to achieve, it would be foolish not to try. A "no" might be temporarily disappointing, but it might also wind up being "yes


Have you ever had the experience - when you are about to say something interesting, and it's right on the tip of your tongue - and then suddenly you can't remember it? That's so frustrating. Today, if you're feeling stressed to figure something out… just walk away from it and concentrate on something else. The solution will come to you when you relax


This is your reminder to treasure every single moment of a new experience or adventure. While this kind of a reminder isn't usually necessary for you… you need to hear this today. You are usually someone who seizes each moment because you have a wonderful gusto for life. But you have come to take some things for granted, and you need to start seeing the whole picture. 


Someone in your life may want you to see a risky venture as no risk at all. But since you don't see it that way… you may not be on board to hear anything about it. You are not someone who embraces risk, but maybe this chance is not as much of a risk as you think it will be.


If someone were to ask for your opinion on something that they were hoping you would admire, you would probably act like you love it no matter how you feel. You are a compassionate and loving person, and you can't bear the idea of hurting anyone's feelings. But sometimes it is important to tell the whole truth, no matter how sharp or harsh it may be. Someone in your world needs to hear the truth from you now, so don't sugarcoat it.


A plan that was made a while ago is not turning out as planned. It was supposed to be a carefree, easy situation that involved you, but that did not put any pressure onto you. But now something has changed, and this has fallen right onto your shoulders. You may not feel comfortable or happy around someone else who is involved, but this is your chance to change that. 


The more you dig into a situation connected to a family member or a close friend… the more mysterious and confusing it becomes. It's as if you have stumbled upon some sort of a Pandora's box… and you just don't know what to make of it. There may be a few secrets involved that are causing this confusion - and they may be secrets that you were not meant to learn about just yet. So, it might be wise to pretend you never spiraled down this rabbit hole - at least until you are invited, and you can ask questions openly


Sometimes we have such large ideas of what constitutes happiness that we overlook the possibilities for happiness that are all around us all of the time. Today… go on a quest to seek out happiness in all of the smallest, most ordinary places


You may soon have the time to finally pursue an idea or a dream that you put on the shelf long ago. But even the thought of this causes you to imagine that you should probably put it off a while longer. Even though this may be something you want… the idea of trying and failing is too much to think about. But if you keep putting it off, you will only set yourself up for failure by omission. 


You might believe that you have come up on a brilliant idea, and you may even feel lucky or blessed to have done that. But knowing you, this could be a flight of fancy since you are such a big dreamer, and you are very aware of that yourself. This idea has more of a feeling of being grounded about it than the usual fantasy… and that's why you need to explore it. Go ahead and chase this dream