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Be patient today because there is a good chance that more of the cards in a game will be revealed to you before you have to do anything or make any choices. Count on the right path clearly opening up to you


In a situation you are in right now or will be soon involved in… you’ll probably be the smartest, the most gifted, the most hard-working, and so many other things. But even if this is the case… you might not have the authority to call the shots. And even worse, you might have to beg permission to do what you know is right and best from someone who doesn't have the first clue. Try to play along anyway. 


The answer or solution to a long-term dilemma may come to you today. And even though you have been looking for this solution, it will probably come completely out of left field. Don't beat yourself up over it. 


You are having regrets about a change you recently made. Even though you may have thought about it thoroughly and over a long period of time, you now feel like you made a huge mistake. But give this change a chance. Allow it to evolve. While it may not be what you ultimately want, it may be exactly the stepping stone you need to eventually get what you want


You might not want to make a scene or draw attention to yourself today… which is an odd thing in itself for you. But this could be because you aren't quite sure you should go forward with a certain plan. You've thought a lot about this and today is the day to really pursue it.


Many people who are born under the sign of Virgo have great self-control. Even when your emotions feel like they are flowing over, you are able to hold on tight and not let it show. These traits or talents will come in useful today. You need to remain level and balanced and to put on your best poker face. 


There is nothing wrong or unfair about keeping a secret. Someone in your life is probably trying to use guilt to persuade you to tell them something that you don't really want to share. You have such a strong consciousness and sense of right and wrong that the mere suggestion of something being wrong or unfair sends you spinning. But it's your life, and your secret to keep. Remember that


Something great is going to happen for you even though it doesn’t feel like it. But if you do your best to maintain a spirit of hope and to envision the best manifesting in your life… It'll happen a lot sooner. So stay very optimistic today. 


You may be thinking that you have not said enough regarding a certain problem that relates to business or other people in your life. But not saying enough, in this case at least, is far superior to saying too much. Let this sit for a while. Most of all, observe and wait until you start to see reactions. 


You could discuss a certain matter with a certain unreasonable person until you are blue in the face and still not come up with a solution or an agreement. Even if your points are spot on, and you handle the conversation in a fair and well-balanced way, it's still not very likely that you will find harmony on this. Today, walk away from it entirely. 


Today, you might see a huge disappointment in your own life as a huge upset. And while it isn't life or death, it will lead you to a fantastic conclusion later on regardless so keep your head up


You might see your gloomy outlook on a situation that is happening around your life as a kind of safety net, today. If you feel that if you don't have high expectations, the disappointment that is sure to come won't be quite as painful. And even if this state of mind is coming from your subconscious, it is affecting you dramatically. Sometimes you have to knowingly choose to hope for the best. If it doesn't work out, it might sting. But if it does work out - as it likely will - the pleasure of it will be that much more