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You can feel a shift in energy coming from your inner circle. It’s best to stay as far away as possible from this situation today. Tap into that energy and adapt as it progresses. You can overcome any problems as long as you stay out of the drama that comes with it


Right now… You’re striving to do all the best things for yourself now in some area of your life, but knowing what is best can be somewhat tricky. Even if you receive advice from an expert today… you still have to listen to your inner voice. 


Your worries and your fears are towering over your hopes and your fantasies right now. But in reality, your worries and fears are no bigger than the positive things that are also generated by your creative mind. All you need to do is to recognize the facts that you are in charge, and you need to take control. 


An old memory is casting a shadow or setting a tone for something new that you are experiencing. You’re probably comparing something that happened in the past to what you are experiencing now… and that could change your perception of it completely. Today is the day to wipe the slate clean and just start fresh. 


Recently… You may have taken a chance on something in your life, and now you feel as if you won’t get the outcome you were expecting. If you take small steps to get to what you want… you will be able to handle what you've gotten into. Just remember next time to be more cautious with your decisions


You might have put an end to something… and now you’re having second thoughts about it. It's easy to look back and think about all of the good times… but if you really think about what you went through realistically, you will remember that it wasn't all roses. If you have regrets, you need to recognize that these may be coming simply from the change itself. Give yourself some time to acclimate to the changes.


If someone is trying to make you feel like you don't measure up because you are not at the same level as they are… remember how successful you are in other ways. You can have anything you want with hard work, but at the foundation of it all you are a truly generous and good hearted person and that is what personal success is


Just because something has not worked out as you hoped for… that does not mean that you are not favored, or that your dream won't come true. Give it time. Give it hope. Try trusting even when you find it hard to do so today


Today, it would be smart to allow someone in your presence to move you with their passion and support in order to support you and improve your skills and your confidence. Even though you might not be winning in life right now… a bit of encouragement could do wonders


“Go big or go home" is the motto you are going with right now to win a competition, but the way to win is to actually be low-key. The tone has changed completely from when you first set out to make this happen. All you really have to do now is to be yourself. 


You may be covering up your inability to change the tone of a situation that is causing stress to loved ones. But even if you try to intervene… you’ll only put off the inevitable. Take a few moments today to try and imagine what it would be like if you got involved, and things did not turn out as you hoped. If you keep this up, you will gain the attention of someone who can help you make the necessary change


You can figure things out that others would never try, and that's why people see you as a visionary. But remember that comes with a huge burden too... Sometimes you can visualize what you want and not know how to proceed. Sometimes the secret is in the doing.