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You have experienced that sense of being close but not quite there, and you know how upsetting it can be. But if you are fixated now on a situation like that, it will drain the energy you need to try again. Stay positive today


Today, and as soon as possible, you need to mentally separate your worries from the real possibilities of something that might go wrong. You have become stuck in a fear of failing… so now you are overthinking everything. Take a couple steps back today and recognize what is in front of you


If you’re doubting yourself today… don’t. Don't let your thoughts intimidate you because you actually can master this task. Anyone who knows you believes in you. Now you just have to believe in yourself


When you don't know how to approach a problem, it can be easy to stop short or to go too far. Today, work through a problem you are facing in your mind before you do it in actual life. Figure out what the results are likely to be and then move forward.


You are a person of impulse, but it is a studied kind of impulsive. You go by your instincts, and you are very often right. Today, though, you need to hesitate about that. You have to fix something, but it might be smart to see how things all work out before you do first. 


Do not get stuck or held back by a past opinion today. Your views have softened since then, and you don't have to fight that uphill battle. Let it be known that you have had a change of heart today to the people you love


Avoid shortcuts today. While you have an awful lot to do and not a lot of help to get it done, it still isn't wise to try to cut corners. You are an efficient person, and it might be hard to do everything in a long, drawn-out way, but you will wind up getting more done, and done right


You may have aimed for and worked toward perfect solutions and happy endings… it may not turn out exactly as you had pictured. Do not allow that to cause you to feel like you failed, or to miss out on enjoying everything that you have achieved today. 


You may not like everything about a person who is in your life, but there are still plenty of traits that are admirable and interesting. Someone in your life has always been at odds with you, at least on some level. But you have missed out on so much by avoiding this person. Try looking for the good in them, and your life will be richer for it.


Even if you feel strongly toward one side of an argument or another that happens between friends or family members, it’s best to lay low. Getting into it, even with the intention of helping them out, will only fan the flames no matter which side you take. This can be a strong, productive day if you don't get sidetracked by the drama


You may want to walk away from an unsuccessful venture with your head down and your heart trailing behind you. You may feel like a failure… but you are anything but that. The very fact that you tried says a world of wonderful things about you.. This is a learning experience that will contribute to greater success. You should try to see it that way today


You may be approaching the completion of something that has become a personal mission to you. You may have started out feeling very justified in seeking this end because someone did something wrong that hurt you in some way. And now you are almost there, and the outcome is becoming clearer. Don't start second-guessing the fact that you took this on. Remember back to your initial belief that this was the best path to take - because it was. Be proud of what you have accomplished and celebrate it today