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Be cautious today about speaking without thinking about it first. Don't let your emotions dictate how you will be perceived and if you have something important to say, say it in a way that is respected rather than ridiculed


Today… you may have a lot of what you perceive as "stupid" questions, but no question is stupid if you need the answer and you don't have it. You are gaining knowledge and building a virtual mental library for the future so don't feel embarrassed by asking questions


The closer you get to a big goal, the more realistic and scary it becomes. But it should be the opposite… especially today. You should feel very proud and happy about how far you have come. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself because you are doing everything right


You are finally free to do something you have wanted to do for a long time. But you have not flown in so long that you forgot what it feels like to stretch your wings and touch the sky. But now you can, and you shouldn't wait a moment longer. 


There is a secret that you don't want to share just yet… And because it is so important to you… its probably hard to keep quiet. But be very conscious of holding it in for just a bit longer. There are good reasons not to say anything right now. But the moment will come but you have to stay patient. 


You may be wondering why someone in your life isn't thrilled with a recent change in your life that you are excited about. But even if that happens… It doesn't have to be a bad thing. It could be the sign you were looking for to cut this person out of your life.. Because you don’t need anyone who doesn’t support you


Something good can come from a bad situation and It is really important to remember this today. If you are feeling irritated because of a change in your plans… try to look at the glass as half full. if you use your energy to seek out something positive… it will find its way to you  


Don't limit yourself today by what you think other people might like or not like. Don't tailor your creativity to match your perception of someone else. Remember that you are your own person and you don’t owe anyone but yourself anything


Endorphins make you feel good. This is good to know just in case you need a reason to force yourself to smile today. If you're having a tough time… push yourself to see the good in things and you’ll start to see why you actually have a reason to smile


You have been taking your time to get something right but you’re working with someone who would rather sacrifice perfection in order to get it done faster. Try to change the amount of time you spend on perfecting things because clearly the person you’re working with isn’t on your side with this one.


A childish friend or loved one could benefit from a "time-out." If their behavior isn’t changing then you need to take yourself out of the equation. Cut them off for a little and see if they come back around. 


You are an innovative thinker with great ideas… but you aren’t someone who swims in foreign waters either. Today, you have the chance to experience creative synergy with someone who sees you as a mentor, and that could be great for both of you