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RICH'S LIFE HACKS: Fixing What's Broken


I get asked all the time. .of all the life hacks. .which ones do you end up 

Using the most or recommending the most. 

This one is from my fiance’,  Stacey .. former fashion blogger. 

If you want to wear something white or light in color, wear underwear that matches the color of your skin, not white.

White shows lines



FIXITCLUB.COM is a website that is free. 

And has step by step instructions on how to fix pretty much anything that you broke. 


IF YOU’RE only going to brush teeth once a day.. it’s better to do it at  more thoroughly at night and get all the days’s food out and off your gums. 

You should brush in the am.. but .. if you’re going to it once.. then .. here ya go. 

Morning brushing is important too, but more so for fresh breath. Evening cleaning will prevent bacteria from breeding and damaging your teeth and gums