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Take a few moments to embrace and appreciate silence this morning. Watch out for bad moods and irritable behaviors around you today. You may also feel frustrated or as though you're being held back professionally…. but try not to let your temper get the best of you.


You'll feel tempted to float away on a cloud of fantasy this morning. These vibes could cause you to want to be on your phone all day but you should avoid spending too much of your morning scrolling on social media. Avoid making impulse decisions today and avoid diving into suspicions without evidence to back yourself up


You'll be focused on financial gain today but try not to push your luck when it comes to business negotiations this afternoon. Also… try to stay away from revealing too much of yourself or your emotions online… you’ll definitely regret it later on in the day. 


Managing professional responsibilities while maintaining healthy boundaries with your career can feel like a challenge today. Analyze the true cost of success and whether or not there's a smarter way to approach your goals today. 


Your love life may feel high-strung today. This can cause you to shut down emotionally, especially if you've been stressed or overworked recently. So rather than ghosting your person… be sure to let your loved one know where you're at so they don't begin to question your commitment. Self-care should also be a priority right now, whether you're committed or flying solo. 


If you've outgrown some members in your social circle, you could be forced to confront it today. This can bring through some emotional triggers, especially if you've felt divided amongst your peers. Don't feel guilty if you decide it’s time to cut the cord with anyone who has been bringing you grief recently, but you should avoid aggressive or heated arguments in the process. 


A lack of compassion or understanding within your love life could cause the passion between you and your partner to fizzle out today. This can also cause you to feel unmotivated or uninspired today… especially if you haven't been devoting enough time toward self-care or managing your emotions. 


You might feel as if others aren't giving you the respect you deserve today. While your words may not carry much weight with your family or colleagues right now… staying optimistic can help you move through any anxiety or discomfort that finds you. Tapping into your spirituality can also bring you the energetic support you need as the universe looks for ways to shower you with love and luck. 


Your home will feel like a therapeutic retreat this morning. Use this as an excuse to move at your own pace, taking time for gratitude work, positive mantras, and a little bit of meditation. Unfortunately, the vibe could get a bit rocky this afternoon… but keep your head up anyways. 


You may feel more emotional and irritable than usual today. This could cause you to lash out at your loved ones, especially if you've been spending too much time catering to the needs of others. Rather than getting caught up in conflict, give yourself permission to embrace some solitude and self-care during your free time.


You may have reached your breaking point when it comes to worry. While it's obvious that you're a strong person… there comes a point where it takes over all of the good thoughts and happy possibilities in your life. Today, you need to decide that enough is enough, and intentionally direct your thoughts away from the negative.


A certain milestone in your life is approaching. This could be anything from an achievement to a happy place in a relationship. But whatever it is… you need to celebrate it in your own way. And, if someone else is involved in this milestone of yours, then invite them to celebrate it along with you.