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You should wake up feeling optimistic and refreshed this morning. An opportunity to escape from the dull things in life will present itself today and this will give you permission to unplug for the remainder of the day.


Your dreams will bring through healing early this morning. Your business dealings are likely to see some headway… it's unlikely that resolution will come through right away. Try not to be impatient for progress right now, and understand that your dreams will come to fruition when the time is right.


Issues within your social circle may suddenly resolve overnight. Unfortunately though, you may become overwhelmed this afternoon. If you begin to feel tense or more emotional than usual, it could be a message from the other side that it's time to decompress and find harmony through self-care. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with today, as boundaries will be difficult to maintain.


You'll feel more in-tune with your body this morning. Make sure to put in an honest day's work, and you should be mindful that you're not pushing yourself too far. Check in with your physical needs as afternoon rolls in. You should also remember that it's okay to temporarily disrupt this flow if it's time to eat! 


Divine inspiration will strike in the very early hours today, making it a good morning for light journaling and recording your dreams. Your ego will also receive a bit of support right now, inspiring you to spend some extra time getting ready before work… but remain mindful of your time management. Your social media feeds and friendship circle might start to bore you in the afternoon, but don't be afraid to go your own way right now, even if doing so means you'll be spending the day in solitude. 


You may experience an emotional release while traveling through the dream realms this morning. Your compassionate nature will surface as things encourage you to lead with an open heart. Unfortunately, being too vulnerable could feel scary this afternoon, and you may need to take a few moments to examine your boundaries. Confusion could manifest within your love life later this evening so avoid hyper-analyzing the situation, or you might end up playing games with your own heart.


Messages of love and healing will find you this morning. Use this energy as an excuse to meditate before going about your day, with the intention of opening up to blessings and positive connections. Your intuition may feel off this afternoon and you might want to ask a friend for advice before getting carried away on a hunch. Also… look for ways to express yourself once you've clocked out for the day. 


The world will seem to glimmer today, as things push you to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty surrounding you. This will also push you to acknowledge the grace that lies within, making it a great time to recite positive mantras and even give yourself a few compliments. Home will be particularly stabilizing as the rest of the day rolls in. Be sure to head straight home once you've clocked out for the day, with the full intention to embrace luxury and TLC from the comfort of your living room. 


Any ego bruises or personal embarrassments that took place over the last few days will seem to evaporate overnight. Though you may have been humbled by the universe recently, you'll feel reinvigorated and supported from beyond the veil as you continue your day. Unfortunately, trouble could brew when it comes to matters of the heart this afternoon. If you find yourself in a disagreement with a special someone, it may be wise to take a step back and re-center before the conflict evolves into a blowout. 


Emotionally touching dreams will manifest for you early this morning. Take a moment to tap into your gratitude before beginning your day and open yourself up to messages of support from beyond. Try to fit in a meditation session before bed to explore the hidden depths of your psyche.


Take a moment to check in with your technological tool today. You may also want to examine your relationship with social media and whether or not it's currently having a positive or negative influence on you and your emotional health. 


You should wake up with a keen sense of what you're worth today. Use the momentum of this energy to push for higher wages or raise your rates if you work independently. Your emotions could take you for a ride this afternoon … However, stepping away to center and ground will give you an opportunity to bring yourself back into the present. Take a moment for quiet meditation and introspection later today