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As your morning unfolds… you’ll feel a lot of motivation and determination. Good vibes will continue to flow as the day goes on… opening new doors in unexpected places. Just remember to pace yourself, or you could end up losing steam before your plans get off the ground.


A magical energy will fill the air as you wake up today. The law of attraction will work in your favor right now and fate will allow you to open new doors. Be sure to put emotion behind any wishes you send into the universe right now.


You won't be in the mood to mess around today. Cut to the chase and get to the root of any issues or opportunities within your personal and professional lives. Don't shy away from being your boldest, most authentic self, and your hard work is bound to pay off. 


A passionate and flirtatious energy will surround you this morning. Use this energy to reignite the flames of your love life, taking time to message your crush or give a little kiss to your babe. Romantic connections could also be made online right now, so don't hold back if your dating apps are calling. 


Try to keep in mind that small steps bring you to the big picture. If some new ideas begin to roll in, be sure to write them down today. 


Get ready for a passionate and creative day! Don't be afraid to ask the universe for a little help, as doing so can open new doors on your path. Unfortunately, letting your star shine could feel a little overwhelming later in the afternoon, but you should be able to overcome these wonky vibes with some yoga.


Let your guard down today… but only with people who make you feel safe. Give yourself permission to take a step back from your social life tonight and spend some time with your family.


Today is the day to finally speak up on any issues floating through your psyche. Your love life is looking pretty spot on so keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working. 


Look for ways to invest time, energy, and resources into your health today. Try to keep in mind that relaxation is just as important as eating well and getting enough sleep, so be sure to indulge in some low-key activities that can help you ground and unwind. 


The stars will act in your favor today. You’ll feel a pep in your step today… especially when it comes to projects or people that you feel passionate about. These vibes can also help you break through any barriers that have been holding you back, so don't be afraid to act with decisive boldness. 


The world may seem eerily quiet today. Take a moment to honor the people and activities that bring you passion and gravitate toward anything that brings positive emotional responses. 


You might notice some fire to your voice today… but only within topics or situations you feel very passionate about. Use this energy to research any subjects you consider to be of personal interest.