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You will feel some shifts to your professional and home life today. Right now it will be unpredictable… but new opportunities may be on the table. You will need to let go of certain areas of your life in order to make room for these big changes coming your way.


Today is a great day for reconnecting with your zen side, even if the vibe is charged. Try not to take it personally if your loved ones feel closed off and try to stay away from anything that could trigger insecurities within your social circle.


Foundations may crumble for you today. Try not to hold onto toxic people or environments that leave you feeling down. Direct your focus towards positive influences and how you hope to evolve.


New pathways are opening up within your love life today! A flirtatious text exchange could easily evolve into something bigger right now, so make sure you're paying attention to who you're showing affection to. You tend to create a blind spot when it comes to identifying positive romantic connections… so be aware of that.


Your body will feel the effects of your lifestyle choices today. It’s time to finally cut ties with unhealthy habits, especially if your energy levels have been suffering. But on the other end of things, a flirtatious energy can help elevate your mood so give yourself permission to do a little flirting later in the day. 


You'll rely on your friends for emotional fulfillment and support today. It’s really important for you to blow off some steam today so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out for a friend to get some lunch. 


The temptation to coop up at home will be real today. Emotional overstimulation and low energy levels could come into play for you right now, especially if you've been dealing with elevated stress levels or any drama recently. Grabbing a coloring book or any hands-on activity would be really beneficial to your stress today. 


You'll have an opportunity to open up about your past today so go ahead and lower your guard with someone special… especially if you're hoping to bring more depth to your connection. Just try not to feed into any emotions related to shame or fear. 


Don't be afraid to collect on old debts or favors owed today because it's time to tie up loose ends, especially regarding money or business exchanges. Your day might shift later on… bringing some confusion to your relationships. 


Take a moment this morning to ask yourself how you would like to spend the day.Follow your whims and give yourself permission to prioritize your personal agenda above all else. Also a deceptive energy will come into play this evening, so you'll want to be on guard if anyone tries to sell you on a fantasy. 


Be selective of who you surround yourself with today. You need to take a much-needed mental health break… so take time for just yourself. If you’re working on any creative things… diving into that could be really helpful. 


Finding friends who share your social values can bring you healing today. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and make decisions that reflect your morals right now, but remember to seek beauty and comfort as well.