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Your day might not go the smoothest and you may find it difficult to control your emotions. Just remember to take deep breaths through the day and keep your cool. Thankfully the weekend is here and you can take some time to decompress.


Some chaos at work could cause you to second guess your professional path this morning. You may feel uncertain about your future, but just wait it out because an opportunity to showcase your value is coming up.


Expect the unexpected this morning. You’ll probably start to question what your future is going to look like and rather than stressing over it, give yourself permission to take a step back. 


It may be time to purge your social media accounts of anything that has been triggering you recently. You won't be in the mood to deal with anyone who publishes content that angers you right now, and removing these incidents from your life will create a sense of empowerment and control. 


A strange energy will manifest within your love life this morning. Hurts from the past could suddenly enter your mind, causing you to put up emotional walls without even realizing it. If you're feeling a little off right now, don't be afraid to take some time for yourself, as silence can help you sort through these emotions.


Your internet usage could get in the way of your work today. You'll be tempted to express your thoughts and feelings on your favorite platform and issues could also arise with misinformation and heated debate. There's also a risk that you could end up in a virtual standoff with someone who has opposing views and that has bad written all over it.


You may have a hard time getting ready this morning, leaving you strangely unsatisfied with your wardrobe options. This is going to cause you to struggle with your image and ego. The vibe around the office might get a little wonky as well, and mismanagement could leave you feeling uncertain about how to proceed with your work. 


Your vibes could feel a little off for you today, throwing you completely off your game. You'll notice weird energy coming from multiple directions, causing you to become emotionally detached and out of sorts. Rather than forcing yourself to try and feel or think a certain way, give yourself permission to simply go with the flow.


You may feel as though your mind is short-circuiting today. Forgetfulness is definitely in store for you, which means it might be a good time to stick to a to-do list. Self-care should also be a priority, making it important that you check in with your needs while nurturing your psyche. 


Watch your spending because it’ll be really easy for you to just want to go and splurge today. This could be particularly troublesome if you use gifts to express your love, as the temptation to spoil your babe will be real. Treating yourself to unnecessary luxuries should also be avoided, even if you know more money will be coming in soon. 


Get ready for a bumpy ride today because things in your personal life are going to feel really rocky. You’ll feel like you’re going to be scrambling for control but keep in mind that the only person you truly have power over is yourself. 


Your subconscious will be a busy place today and it will cause you to overthink your options, creating difficulties in making decisions. Intrusive thoughts could also leave you unfocused at work, though grounding and engaging your senses may help you find some clarity.