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Get ready for a burst of unpredictable energy today! You’ll see reality from a new and evolved perspective but if you're honest about your challenges… you're more likely to find solutions to these issues. You'll notice a shift later tonight when the moon enters Libra, bringing a harmonious ambiance to the table. 


You may feel the sudden urge to change your appearance or rework your identity today. Reasonable and strategic steps into the future will get you where you want to be, as the universe supports your quest for something new. You'll notice a shift later tonight when the moon enters Libra, giving you a chance to unwind before bed. 


Trust your intuition about money and growing wealth today. These vibes will work in your favor when it comes to financial matters, but you should also feel free to treat yourself and embrace a bit of luxury as well. Pay attention to any moments of clarity that find you right now, as the universe pushes you to understand reality in new ways.


A sudden boost to your popularity could open the door to new opportunities today! Don't be afraid to rely on your connections right now, especially if you're looking for more work or notoriety. The internet will also be a valuable tool for you right now, so you should double-check to make sure your socials are up to date.


Major shifts within your career path will manifest today. Use this to put passion and an abundance of energy behind your professional goals, and you'll see its ripple effects for months to come. Meanwhile, a helping hand from Venus can help you overcome fears around both success and failure, as long as you're willing to open your heart to change and new possibilities. 


The moon finishes its journey through your sign today and it's asking you to tap into your personal power and unique sense of self. Use this energy to pursue your dreams, even if they're slightly driven by a desire to boost your ego.


Certain areas of your life could get real serious today. You'll reach a breaking point with anyone or anything that's been holding you back, giving you an opportunity to quickly and cleanly cut ties with that which is causing you grief. 


Chance encounters could change the course of your love life today. A helping hand from Venus will bring twists of fate, helping you get a leg up in life, making it a good time to do some manifestation and gratitude work. You should also look for opportunities to use your voice and spread ideas today. 


You’ll feel the need to take small steps toward self-improvement when it comes to your work or fitness goals. You may also be called upon to help a friend or family member, and coming to the rescue of your companions will score some major karma points. You'll feel a shift later tonight when the moon enters Libra, putting you in the mood for some social interaction and even a little bit of innocent gossip.


Creative breakthroughs are likely to manifest for you today. You’ll feel a boost in your confidence, making it a great time to put yourself out there to achieve your goals. A helping hand from romantic Venus will allow you to make headway with your crush, especially if you finally find the bravery to ask them out. However, try not to reveal too much of yourself at once.


Brace yourself for some emotional breakthroughs today. This will leave you virtually unstoppable as you break through any barriers that have been holding back your mind, heart, or soul. News from a family member could also come into play, giving you a reason to celebrate from the heart.


It'll be hard to conceal what's in your heart today. These vibes are perfect for speaking your dreams into existence, making it a good time to share your intentions with the people you love.