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You may feel a bit off balance this afternoon. Prioritizing the needs of others could feel particularly overwhelming right now, especially if you haven't had enough time for relaxation or self care recently. Working on a creative outlet or spending time with your low-maintenance friends would be really good for you today.


Put action behind your words today! Talking about your dreams won't cut it anymore, because the universe is pushing you to fight for these goals. You'll need to tap into your bravery and advocate for yourself in order to make the most of this. Just try not to get overwhelmed by details or demand perfection of yourself. 


You may have a hard time accessing your power verbally today. This could be problematic when it comes to business relationships, so you may want to hold off on discussing important issues with your colleagues for another time. If you're in a romantic relationship where things are shared, take a moment to check in with your finances to ensure that both you and your partner are spending responsibly. 


Your professional responsibilities are going to feel overwhelming this morning. Try not to demand perfection of yourself right now… just prioritize a healthy work-life balance over your drive for success. 


You'll wish you could trade your responsibilities in favor of having fun this morning. Even though you may not have the freedom to do as you please right now, try to appreciate small moments of beauty throughout the day to fight these weird vibes. You'll be in a social mood later this evening so give your bestie a call. 


Your mind could play tricks on you this morning so do your best to avoid negative thought patterns. Take some time to relax and stretch later tonight 


Try not to doubt the good things or people in your life right now. Things could have you wondering if too much of a good thing is setting you up for disappointment, but you should try your best to remain optimistic. 


Good vibes are in store for you today. Your love life will also benefit from this and the chemistry shared between you and that special someone is definitely gonna spark. Though the vibes will be lit with bae, try to cut some time out for yourself later.  


You could feel a struggle with an increase to your intuition today. You may feel more sensitive to the emotions of others right now, making it important that you keep a tight handle on your own feelings and sense of security. 


You may have a hard time asserting your authority today. This could also cause you to feel more irritable than usual, especially if you're surrounded by incompetent people. Rather than lashing out at your colleagues or friends, try to lean into a creative outlet.


An unbalanced connection between Mercury and Pluto could stir up insecurities within your love life today and it is going to completely disrupt your peace. Avoid lurking on your exes or scouring your crush's page for potential threats to your relationship, or you could end up obsessing the morning away.


A few haters could attempt to knock you off your pedestal today but luckily, these bad vibes won't bring you down. You may need to reinforce your confidence in the face of mean-spirited gossip or passing judgments though. Talking with some friends can also help lift your spirits, reminding you of the good that exists in this world and that you are loved.