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You may feel as though you didn't get enough rest last night so don't feel guilty about embracing the things that bring you back into balance, even if it puts you a little behind on time. Just try not to spend the entire evening focused on work, or you could hit a wall later tonight.


Do your best today to ground yourself and write out a to-do list. Make sure that you put a lot of focus on your work today and skip out on happy hour with your friends tonight. Take the time to relax at home instead of going out.


Try not to let your confidence drop based on your romantic life. You might be feeling a lack of sense of security, especially if you put too much thought into what your crush thinks of you. You'll feel a shift just before midnight when, Mercury, enters Virgo, bringing out your nurturing and compassionate nature throughout the next several weeks


Emotions will run high for you this morning. This could be particularly challenging for any Cancers dealing with relationship issues… but giving yourself space to process these unpleasant feelings will help you get to the other side of them. 


Try not to over-analyze or pick at yourself today. These actions could stir up insecurities from a deep place, especially if you've been feeling undervalued or as if your emotional needs aren't being met. You should also try to iron out any issues that have been messing with your romantic life, as long as you approach the situation from a calm and reasonable place. 


You may want to avoid high-maintenance friends this morning. Drama may brew within your social circle, and you won't have the patience or emotional stamina to deal with petty issues that don't concern you. Mercury moves into Virgo today which will elevate your wit and mental clarity in the coming weeks. 


You may struggle with setting boundaries today. Others in your circle may use this energy to their advantage, so you'll want to keep your eyes open for manipulative or malicious behaviors. 


You might want to take a moment to tap into your gratitude this morning. Fortunately, you'll have a chance to find beauty in the world around you later in the afternoon… but you'll need to honor and process your emotions as well. You’ll see your social life elevate throughout the next several weeks, helping you expand your professional network. 


Your social media feeds could take you away from work today if you're not careful. Maintaining an active social life is important to you, but try not to let gossip or small talk get in the way of your productivity. Setting boundaries with your communication devices will definitely help you out today.


You may feel checked out of your career today. A lack of time off or high-stress work environments will heighten these issues, causing you to rethink your occupational path. Take this as a sign to skip out from work a bit early if you can.


You may have a hard time monitoring your emotions today. Do your best to stay grounded and calm if you start to feel overwhelmed. 


Watch out for power struggles within your professional and friendship circles today. These vibes could be particularly troublesome if you're in a creative or competitive industry, but try not to let other people get in your head or dull your shine.