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You'll feel things deeply today and unfortunately,you can find yourself having some awkward encounters today… especially if you go out on a limb to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. Do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to assume a secretive role today, confiding only in the people you truly trust. 


Give yourself permission to accept love in all of its forms this morning. This cosmic climate could cause issues if you're struggling with feelings of unworthiness or if you shield your heart in the hopes that you'll avoid getting hurt. An old flame from the past could manifest later in the afternoon so feel free to catch up with any exes that you are still on good terms with, but be sure to block any toxic flames that died down for a good reason. 


Give yourself permission to change up your daily routines today. Today is also a great day to focus on your health, making it a good time to schedule a check-up with your healthcare provider. If it's been a while since you've connected with your spiritual side, now would be a good time to get a meditation session in, especially if you've been feeling a bit lost. 


Watch out for jealous people who might try to hold you back today. This could bring out the competitive side in others, causing them to intentionally give bad advice or discourage you from seeking personal or professional growth. 


You won't be able to hide from your feelings today. This will push you toward emotional release, and you may not be able to fight any tears that want to fall. Unfortunately, the vibe will get a bit rocky later tonight, which could start problems within your romantic life if you're not careful.


Holding onto hurts from the past won't serve you today. Though releasing pain might not be your favorite thing to do, allowing your emotions to flow honestly will bring healing to your heart today. 


Keep a close watch on your spending right now, and try not to be overly generous with your loved ones. But stay focused today because your mind could lead you to insecurities or self-doubt, especially if you find yourself in a competitive and unnecessary power struggle. Try not to indulge in any jealous or possessive behaviors either, or you could end up sabotaging your relationships. 


Try not to let your healthy habits fall off this morning. Nobody is perfect, but you could end up regretting it if you don't hold yourself up to reasonable standards.


Your self-awareness could take a hit this morning. This cosmic climate could cause you to lose touch with your family and friends, especially if you're preoccupied with your own drama. Luckily, you'll have a chance to shake off these funky vibes as the day moves forward, though you'll be in a much more quiet mood. 


You may be forced to be around insensitive friends or family members this morning. Try not to take the opinions of others too seriously, and consider stepping back from your social media feeds, especially if you tend to compare your life to others. 


Being heard professionally may feel like a challenge today. It might be a good time to keep your mouth shut unless you've thoroughly considered what it is you have to say. You may feel emotionally depleted later this evening, inspiring you to stay home, even if it is a Friday night.


Finding a balance between your spirituality and the material realms could be a struggle this morning. Watch out for bad vibes and emotional turmoil later tonight because it is definitely in your way.