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Your day will kick off with some good energy today! These vibes could inspire you to spread some joy around the office, but you'll feel more serious once the afternoon rolls in, encouraging you to take your responsibility for things more seriously. 


You may feel as though your friends or colleagues are emotionally dumping on you this morning, potentially causing others to share intimate details about their lives. Though the energy of those around you could feel overwhelming at first, you'll have a chance to ground yourself and still find peace this afternoon. 


Your words will have a warm and healing effect on people today. Don't be afraid to give advice or comfort your friends right now, as long as you don't deplete your own energy in the process. You'll notice a shift as afternoon manifests and the moon enters Capricorn, giving you an opportunity to organically move through emotional walls, whether they belong to you or someone else. 


Issues within your professional relationships could manifest today. You may begin to question who is really on your side, especially if your ideas or ability to move forward are being blocked by someone with more influence. Unfortunately, a harsh opposition between Venus and Pluto could cause you to feel overworked and under-rested, making it important to set boundaries if you need space or time off today.


Your day is set to be a blessed one. Don't be afraid to ask the other side for a little bit of help, even if these wishes feel a bit silly or superficial. Today is perfect for getting caught up at work as you quickly cross each item from your to-do list.


You'll have an opportunity to overcome your fears and anxieties today. Use this as motivation to face any uncomfortable conversations or personal work you've been avoiding, as the universe supports your path toward transformation and evolution. Don't be afraid to blow off some steam and have fun, especially if it's been a while since you’ve gone out with some friends.


Don't be afraid to reach out to your loved ones for reassurance today. This will remind you of the importance of love on both a romantic and platonic level, so be sure to celebrate all of your people. Try to be mindful about letting down your guard so that you don't miss out on any opportunities for meaningful exchanges or emotional support. 


Working steadily toward your goals will elevate your confidence and this will help you feel comfortable with the pace of your current trajectory, but only if you find ways to stay busy and productive. 


You may feel a bit rushed throughout the first part of the day but this can inspire you to make the most of your morning, fitting as much onto your to-do list as possible. Use this energy as an excuse to pause and embrace luxury, as the universe encourages you to indulge your senses and a bit of relaxation. 


You may feel a bit overstimulated and in your own head this morning. Don't feel guilty about staying quiet and moving at your own pace right now, especially if you have a lot to deal with internally. 


The universe will ask you to share what's in your heart today and these vibes are especially conducive to discussing romantic situations or close connections, so don't be afraid to speak your truth or do a bit of flirting. 


A warm and stabilizing energy will find you today. These vibes will remind you of your value and self-worth, especially when it comes to your financial situation and work ethic. Don't be afraid to ask for a raise if you're due one, especially if you can point out how you go above and beyond around the office.