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The moon continues its journey through Capricorn and the sector of your chart that governs professional ambitions today, dear Aries, causing you to zero in and focus on your career goals. This luminary placement could trigger your authoritative side, but try not to go overboard if you need to remind someone of their responsibilities. Your energy levels could take a hit later in the afternoon when Luna squares off with Chiron, especially if you haven't been setting aside time to check in with your emotional, physical, or mental needs. Use this energy as an excuse to take a break so that you can ground and recharge between personal or professional tasks.


The universe will look for ways to support and guide you right now. Unfortunately, a harsh connection between Luns, could cause you to lose sight of the blessings that surround you, making it important that you tap into your gratitude if you feel yourself entering a pessimistic headspace. 


The emotions of your friends or colleagues could feel a bit overstimulating today. You may see that others around you are going to exaggerate their issues, which could become particularly problematic if you find yourself playing therapist to those around you. The advice you give during this time could later be thrown in your face, so it may be best to keep to yourself for a bit. 


Love will have a strong presence in your life and psyche today. These vibes are perfect for flirting, finding balance, and practicing self-care, as the universe encourages you to nourish your heart. Try not to be offended if someone you're involved with suddenly goes cold, as there's likely more to the story than you realize, and they may just need some time to themselves.


Take some time to check in with your daily routines and stress levels today. Embrace your wellness, especially if you've been overdoing it with caffeine, fast food, or have been particularly overworked recently. Use this energy as an excuse to temporarily time out for a quick meditation session or walk, so you can reconnect with your spirituality, third eye, and the world around you. 


You're one of the more direct and matter-of-fact members of the zodiac, with an uncanny ability to see where there's an issue and how to correct it. Unfortunately, your advice could ruffle some feathers and cause others to become overwhelmed. Frustration could also brew on your end with anyone who doesn't hear your witty words and good sense, so you may need to let others make their own mistakes for now. 


You'll be in the mood to let down your guard a bit today. You'll feel more comfortable revealing more about yourself, but only in controlled environments with someone that you trust. Try not to put too much pressure on your partner to carry your emotional burdens though and if your beloved isn't willing to act as a form of support, it may be time to move on. 


Your mind will be a sensitive and resilient place today. These vibes are perfect for problem-solving and bringing structure to your goals, making it important that you direct your focus where it is needed most. Do your best to stay on track, but don't beat yourself up if you need to call it an early day. 


Though you're often thought of as one of the more liberal spenders in the zodiac, you'll feel inspired to take control of your finances and save as the moon continues its journey through Capricorn today. Use this energy to plan for any big purchases you need to make, budgeting each month to save up towards your goals. 


It's okay if you need to tune out family or friends in order to focus on yourself today. Prioritize your own needs today, even if others are used to relying on your help. You should also remain mindful to stay clear of any manipulative characters who might take advantage of your good nature. 


Your dreams may feel particularly charged and realistic this morning. Take a moment to recall your dream in case you were gifted with messages or guidance from the other side. Socializing could feel particularly exhausting later this afternoon but luckily, you'll have an opportunity to blow off some steam sometime later in the day. 


Miscommunications within your love life could cause you to feel insecure today. Try not to read into any awkward exchanges with your babe, as it's likely a result of the vibe being off and not a reflection of your romantic connection. Unfortunately, chatting with your friends about the situation could only make matters worse so make sure to stay away from that.