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Messages from beyond may have crept into your dreams, helping you understand the path ahead with more clarity. Take a moment to recall your encounters from the sleep realms this morning, as there could be clues on how to grow financially and professionally.


You'll be forced to face your feelings this morning. This will bridge the gap between your mind and emotions… but acknowledging any pain that exists within your heart can bring through major healing and enlightenment. But be cautious of the fact that you might feel stuck and distracted later in the day… especially when it comes to love and what your relationship status might look like in the future. 


The Capricorn moon cozies up to transformative Pluto this morning, bringing some serious energy to the table. This cosmic climate will encourage you to step into your personal power, leaving behind anyone or anything that has been holding you back from your true potential. Use this energy to reconnect with your favorite meditation practice, as the universe will be eager to guide you. 


Your emotions may feel heavy or intense today. However, these vibes could also bring out obsessive or jealous tendencies, thanks to an oppositional force that is currently camped out in your sign. This energy also threatens to shake up your confidence, especially if you're in the midst of dealing with rejection or heartache. 


You'll feel highly motivated to complete work and check each item from your to-do list this morning. You might feel some rocky vibes come up later in the day, causing you to become uncertain about the path ahead or how to reach your goals. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to figure out the future right now, choosing instead to focus on self-love and care.


Expressing yourself creatively will have an empowering and transformational effect on you this morning. These vibes are also perfect for building yourself up through positive mantras and visualizations, so be sure to get a meditation session in. 


You may feel emotionally depleted this morning and these vibes could be particularly triggering if you've felt overworked or neglected by your loved ones recently, which could cause you to lash out with harsh words or a snappy demeanor. All of this could also trigger your playful side, helping you move past any discomfort that found you earlier in the day. 


Don't feel guilty about using stern words this morning. These vibes will ask you to draw serious boundaries or set the record straight, especially if others have been taking advantage of you recently. However, you'll want to choose your words wisely, or a harsh opposition between Luna and Venus could lead to power struggles. 


Tension could brew within your romantic or business relationships this morning. This energy could be particularly challenging if there are financial disagreements between you and your partner or if someone has been mismanaging your joint finances. Luckily, you'll have a chance to mentally reset later in the day. 


Your energy will be intense this morning. This will ultimately act to empower you, making it important that you are conscientious of the feelings of those who surround you. Use this energy as an excuse to joke and be playful, as the universe encourages you to embrace your quirky side. 


You'll have an opportunity to find closure this morning. Don't be afraid to let go of the past, even if you're still hurt about events that transpired days, months, or possibly years ago. Luckily, you'll begin to feel more elevated and like yourself when the moon enters your sign, providing you with an emotional reset and a chance to start fresh. 


You won't have patience for fake friends or people with ulterior motives this morning. This will shine a light on who is and is not loyal to you, helping you move past phony friendships that aren't serving you.