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You’ll be reminded of the importance of self-love, fun, and creativity today. Use this energy to spend more time with your friends throughout the next several weeks, and try to engage in a hobby as well. Watch out for drama within your extended circle of friends, as these vibes are sure to shake up the dynamic. 


You will bring out the fierce nurturer within you, inspiring you to cater to the emotional needs of the people you love throughout the next several weeks today. Take some time to evaluate whether or not you're happy with the current trajectory of your career and whether or not you see opportunities to move forward. If you feel you're caught in a dead end, it may be time to freshen up your resume. 


Your motivation to succeed within your career will benefit from a nice boost today. This will allow you to tap into your bravery, helping you take chances that will elevate your professional status. 


You will want to nurture your finances over the next several weeks, but it’s important that you set aside some money for fun as well. You may suddenly feel closer to a friend or loved one, though a drive for self-improvement will also be up for grabs. 


Your aura will benefit from some extra charisma and grace throughout the next several weeks. This could also bring new activity to your love life, so don't be afraid to make new connections. Your focus will turn to romance later in the day causing your significant other to suddenly shut down.


The universe will ask you to show more compassion to yourself in the coming weeks. Though this planetary placement won't give you permission to run from your psyche, it will provide you with an opportunity to embrace healing and grace. Check in with your body during this time so that you can acknowledge and release any physical symptoms of stress. 


A warmth will fill your aura today. This will elevate your popularity in the coming weeks, as others are drawn to the comfort that your energy provides. These vibes are excellent for making new connections, and romance could spark with an unassuming acquaintance. However, you should be mindful not to take any unnecessary risks, as unpredictable Uranus could lead you down a challenging path if you act recklessly. 


Love and passion will hang in the air for you this morning. Use this energy to practice self-love, but don't be afraid to open your heart to someone special as well. Opportunities to grow professionally and improve your financial situation could manifest in the coming weeks as Venus enters Leo. 


A rush of celestial support will grace your aura today. This planetary placement will dramatically elevate your manifestation skills in the coming weeks, making it important that you think positively and work toward your wildest dreams. You'll have a lot of opinions surrounding you right now, but you should avoid giving unsolicited advice, because you could inadvertently hurt someone you care for. 


You'll find the bravery to take action toward your ideas and fantasies today. These vibes are perfect for following through on any plans that have been floating around in your head, making it important that you seize the day. Your love life will intensify in the coming weeks so be ready for that!


Consider investing in the aesthetic of your home today. This will inspire you to get creative with your space as the stars ask you to create a sanctuary worth hiding away in. Your love life will begin to see more activity in the coming weeks. Watch out for emotional upheaval, and try not to butt heads with anyone who is just as fixed in their ideas as you are. 


The universe will ask you to share ideas and use your voice today. A sassy element will also come into play, giving you the motivation to take on and confront any issues you've been avoiding. Give yourself permission to unplug if you're feeling overstimulated by others, taking time out to focus on yourself and any creative projects you've been chipping away at.