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You might wake up to some good news this morning. Your popularity will see an increase right now, so try to take some time out for yourself this evening and be sure to prioritize your wants and needs. This energy can also help you resolve any issues that have been weighing you down, but only if you're willing to face them head-on.


You'll feel a bit more private and closed off today. This cosmic climate will ask you to scratch beneath the surface, inspiring you to take a deep dive into your psyche. Luckily, you’ll see clarity on the past and your path ahead, highlighting any patterns or fears that have held you back from embracing the limelight and your truest potential. 


You may feel as though everyone wants a piece of you right now. Expect to see an influx of texts and messages on your favorite social media apps, but try not to pressure yourself into responding to everyone who reaches out, especially if you begin to feel tense or overwhelmed. You’ll be able to analyze the past with more clarity, so you can move beyond any behavioral or relationship patterns that haven't worked in your favor historically.


You'll feel more guarded and serious than you normally do today. This luminary placement could also wear on your patience for others, especially if your family or friends are being particularly needy. Avoid giving your energy to people who leave you feeling drained, and be sure to schedule some time for solitude later tonight.


You should wake up feeling refreshed and optimistic this morning. This will also put you in a philosophical and adventurous mood, perfect for engaging in activities that are meant to expand your mind. Plan on scheduling some time for solitude later tonight when the moon cozies up to Mercury, asking you to reconnect with your spirituality and meditation practices.


Deep bonds could form quickly today. However, this could cause you to volunteer information a bit too freely, so you may want to gauge who you share with and what you say. A transformative energy will bless you later tonight, making it the perfect time for a cleansing bath. 


You may awaken from sleep dreams this morning, conspiring to bless you with a sense of support and emotional security. These harmonious vibes can also elevate your cuddling sessions, so don't feel guilty about staying in bed longer than you meant to. This energy could also convince you to commit to someone special or finally cut the cord on any relationships that have outlived their expiration date. 


You should feel strong and energized in your body today. These vibes are perfect for getting out and moving around, especially if you have any pressing errands to run. This cosmic climate can help you resolve any issues that have been clouding your social circle as the universe pushes you to move forward on the path of love and harmony. If you're currently in a relationship, talks of the future may also manifest. 


You'll feel like your exuberant and vibrant self today. This will give you full permission to unapologetically be yourself, greeting the world with plenty of fire and perhaps a bit of glamor. You will find yourself pondering the future of your career path, looking for ways in which you can elevate your circumstances. 


The energy could feel a little chaotic or rushed at home today. Today is perfect for getting new home improvement projects off the ground, helping you feel motivated to elevate your space. A sweet connection between Mercury and the nodes of fate will act to amplify your intuition, allowing you to see the path ahead with more clarity, especially when it comes to actualizing your goals or elevating your social status. 


Your mouth may move faster than your mind today. Luckily, the vast majority of people will find your antics charming, though you should still be mindful of your words when possible. You will have some help when you process your emotions today, allowing you to gain clarity on any issues that have been weighing on your heart and mind recently.


You'll be in a fiery yet grounded mood today. This could bring out impulsive behaviors without causing you to indulge in any risky activities. A sweet connection between Mercury will bring clarity to your romantic situation, helping you come to terms with the path you're currently on and whether or not it aligns with what you want in life.