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You will be encouraged to invest in your identity today, reflecting your mood through dramatic style choices that are unique to you. You could also see some financial rewards heading your way, especially if you've been going above and beyond around at work. Unfortunately though, the vibe at work could get a little intense this afternoon, making it important that you avoid ruffling feathers with your colleagues.


You should wake up feeling rested and emotionally at peace this morning. You can reconnect with your strength today, overcoming any weird vibes that find their way to you. Luckily, you'll begin to feel more grounded and like yourself later tonight when the moon makes its way into your sign.


The vibe will feel electrically charged this morning. This could lead to moments of brilliance and sudden moments of enlightenment, so you may want to keep a journal on hand. Watch out for drama or deception within your social circles this afternoon because the cosmic climate could bring out the worst in others.


You'll have an opportunity to elevate your professional and financial status this morning. Don't be afraid to take credit for the work you do, as stepping into your light could bring monetary rewards and new titles. Unexpected news could land in your lap as the day continues to unfold and these vibes could also lend a hand in making new friends, so try not to shy away from anyone who strikes up a conversation with you. 


You'll feel warm and filled with life this morning. This will help you adapt to new things as the universe pushes you to become a more enlightened version of yourself. Unexpected financial opportunities could manifest within your professional life, but you may need to think outside the box to fully embrace these supportive vibes. 


You will feel inspired to break unhealthy patterns and transform into a more evolved version of yourself this morning. Unfortunately, the motivation to change could be short-lived, and it could cause you to do battle with yourself, especially if you start to believe that moving forward isn't possible for you. 


A flirtatious energy could emerge from your friendship circle or social media feeds this morning. Use this energy to charm anyone you have your eyes on, and you will be sure to make headway in your search for romance. You'll notice a shift in your day when the moon enters Taurus this evening, putting you in a grounded and sensual mood.


Your performance at work this morning will help you shine around the office. Use this energy to rub elbows and assume leadership within your position, as doing so can help you elevate your professional status. You could also reveal a secret admirer later in the day, so you may want to keep your eyes open for signs of flirting. 


The universe will send you signs of reassurance this morning. These vibes are also perfect for calling for support, as the other side will be eager to lift you up and boost your confidence. Breakthroughs within personal projects or your professional ambitions will manifest as the day continues to unfold and this energy loves unique ideas and brave behaviors, so don't be afraid to share your thoughts or take a few chances. 


Don't be afraid to act boldly in pursuit of your goals today. Unfortunately, you could run into tense vibes as afternoon rolls in, so watch out for emotional change and power struggles right now… but don't be afraid to put someone in their place if you feel they're trying to mess with your reputation or pull you down from your pedestal. 


A connection between the Aries moon and Leo sun will create the perfect ambiance for pillow talk this morning, making it the perfect time to sneak in a few extra minutes in bed. Declarations of love or unexpected commitments could throw you for a loop as the day continues to unfold. Some fears may begin to manifest if you're unsure how you feel about certain people or situations, so be aware of that. 


Take some time to invest in your health and wellness this morning. Don't be afraid to move slowly and catch your breath before heading into your day, and don't feel guilty about dropping some extra money on that fancy avocado toast or organic juice that always brightens your day. You will be in a particularly generous and positive mood today, so don't hold back when it comes to complimenting and supporting the people around you.