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The Taurus moon squares off with Venus this morning, which could bring up insecurities or cause you to criticize yourself. Try not to overanalyze your words, clothing, or mannerisms right now, as pulling yourself apart won't do any good. These vibes will begin to go away as the afternoon comes around, giving you a chance to reclaim your gratitude and appreciate the beauty that lies within.


The moon continues its journey through your sign today, giving you permission to move at your own pace while prioritizing your wants and needs. But be cautious because this morning could temporarily put you in a funk, especially if you find yourself in the midst of relationship issues or emotional turmoil. 


The morning could get off to a rough start. This could trigger a pessimistic outlook within you, making it really important that you watch your attitude and try to maneuver away from any negative thoughts that pop into your head. This energy will clear by mid-afternoon, helping you feel more stable and grateful on a deep level but definitely be aware that your day might not go as planned. 


You could find yourself feeling insecure within your friendship circle or social media presence this morning. These weird vibes are likely to clear up by the afternoon but it may be a good idea to step back from personal interactions until the mood lightens up.


You may feel strangely out of place this morning. This will feel particularly problematic within professional settings, and a sense of imposter syndrome could cause you to dim your own light. Luckily, these feelings will go away as the day settles in, giving you a chance to reclaim your bravery and strength. 


An overly optimistic disposition could result in a disservice to yourself today. Unfortunately, these vibes could also cause you to get in your own head, submitting to fears or anxieties that normally wouldn't hold you back. Give yourself plenty of space to breathe and ground as the morning continues to unfold.


You may find yourself in a serious and transactional mood this morning. This could cause you to become hyper-sensitive to imbalances within your social circle, which could cause you to lash out at anyone who's been rubbing you the wrong way recently. You'll feel more collected as the day unfolds, helping you shake off any funk that may have taken a hold of you earlier.


Issues within your professional and romantic life could manifest this morning. You may begin to feel as though boundaries aren't being respected, which could cause you to close off emotionally. Give yourself permission to unplug and dedicate your evening to self-care, but a date night with that special someone will also yield successful results under this cosmic climate. 


You may sense a disconnect between your goals and your ability to reach them this morning. You're known to be one of the more impatient members of the zodiac, so try not to get frustrated if you're not as far along your path as you'd like to be.


A harsh connection between the Taurus moon and aesthetically-driven Venus could cause you to completely rethink your image this morning. You'll feel more authentic to yourself as afternoon settles in, and remember it's totally acceptable to invest in a new style if you continue to feel so inclined. Plan on doing something creative as the day comes to a close, as the universe will look for ways to inspire you. 


Personal upsets could find you this morning. You'll be eager to express any disappointments that have been weighing on your heart, you may want to go over your words before expressing how you feel, or you could create issues within your relationship. Your heart will continue to steady as the day comes to a close, and a connection between Venus and Jupiter acts to elevate your mood.


A harsh connection between the Taurus moon and Venus could cause you to feel overworked or stressed out this morning, so you may want to begin your day with a grounding meditation to help release such tension. These vibes could also lead to disorganization or mental fog, so it would be wise to compile a list of your duties for the day.