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You will feel things on a larger scale today, so you may want to find a balance between your heart and sense of logic before taking action or lashing out. A connection between Mercury and Pluto will give you an opportunity to sort through your psyche, allowing you to move past any triggers you don't feel like confronting. 


You may find yourself in a quiet and cerebral headspace this morning. Try to find healthy distractions if you begin to pick apart your psyche, and avoid fixating on small issues that don't play a significant role in your big picture. You'll notice a shift later tonight when the sun enters Virgo, inspiring you to get organized within your personal projects throughout the next several weeks.


You may want to steer clear of social media interaction this morning, or you could begin to detach from the present. These vibes will also cause you to feel more sensitive to the plights of humanity, which means reading the news could be particularly triggering right now. You'll have a chance to shake off this funk when Mercury blows a kiss to Pluto this afternoon, helping you reconnect with your heart's strength. The vibe will shift later tonight when the sun enters Virgo, shifting your focus toward household affairs.


New projects or changes within your career could leave you feeling overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities you carry. Trust that you're qualified and capable of handling any professional tasks being thrown your way, but remember that it's okay to turn down work as well. Your love life will benefit from some intense energy as Mercury blows a kiss to Pluto, helping you and your babe engage in some serious conversations without having to endure heaviness or discomfort.


You may feel a bit out of sorts or overstimulated when you wake up. Give yourself permission to indulge in a bit of solitude, putting your phone on "do not disturb" as you start the day. You will feel more grounded in the present as the afternoon rolls around, allowing you to get back on task if you floated through the morning. Find an excuse to celebrate yourself before evening settles in and the sun moves out of your sign and into Virgo. 


You'll form emotional connections with ease today. You will be encouraged to be your most authentic self, allowing you to reveal your true colors without feeling vulnerable or overly exposed. You'll notice an elevation in your mood and energy levels later tonight when the sun enters your sign, blessing your aura with some extra support from beyond the veil throughout the next several weeks. 


You might not feel super ready to kick off the day when you wake up this morning. This cosmic climate will be especially heavy if you didn't have enough time to fully restore your energy levels over the weekend, making it important that you find ways to integrate self-care into the day. Luckily though, an alliance between Mercury and Pluto will provide you with some cosmic support when it comes to nurturing yourself. 


A want for daydreaming could cause you to stumble within your tasks and responsibilities this morning. This luminary placement is sure to elevate your intuition and connection with the other side, but staying grounded should remain a priority. 


You'll have an opportunity to rise above any negative people or situations that have been causing you grief today. An alliance between Mercury and Pluto will help you tap into your self-worth, encouraging you to set boundaries where they're needed. A philosophical element will also come into play right now as the sun takes its final steps through Leo and the spiritual sector of your chart. 


Finding a balance between nurturing both yourself and the people you love could feel like a losing battle this morning as the Cancer moon squares off with expansive Jupiter, highlighting the needs of those who fill your heart. You'll notice a vibe shift later tonight that will help to elevate your psychic abilities and manifestation skills. 


You may need to take extra steps to dodge chatty colleagues or family members this morning. This cosmic climate could throw you seriously off schedule if you conversationally procrastinate, making it important that you keep a close eye on the clock. Virgo season made its debut today, so be ready for some major shifts and changes in the coming weeks.


Resist the urge to overspend this morning, or a harsh connection between the Cancer moon and Jupiter could cause you to regret it later. You'll have an opportunity to find value within yourself instead of material items, as long as you tap into your creativity and let your ego out to play today. You'll also notice a shift later tonight when the sun enters Virgo and the sector of your chart that governs matters of the heart, bringing through romance in the coming weeks.