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Small blessings and emotional clarity may come through in unexpected ways this morning. Use this energy as a cosmic cue to tap into your gratitude, opening your heart to the beauty that surrounds you. Boredom could cause you to reach for your phone this afternoon, but try not to waste too much time scrolling your social media feeds. 


News you've been waiting for could manifest suddenly this morning. Pay attention to the subtle signs that surround you right now, as the universe will be eager to enlighten and guide you. Use this cosmic climate to embrace the religious or meditative practices of your choosing since connecting with the other side will occur with more fluidity. 


You'll feel vibrationally in sync with the world around you this morning. Strange connections between your subconscious and the material realms could come into play, making it a good day for documenting any coincidences that find you, as they could be encoded with messages from beyond.


The moon continues its journey through your sign today. This cosmic climate can help you make headway within the digital realms, supporting any agendas you may have with your online presence. A tranquility will fill the atmosphere this evening, helping you feel more aligned with your intuition and spirituality. 


Don't feel bad about drawing lines right now, as the stars encourage you to prioritize your mental and emotional health. A cleansing energy will come into play this evening when Luna blows a kiss to Neptune, making it a great time for a salt bath or purifying meditation. A harsh opposition between Luna and Pluto could threaten to ruin these peaceful vibes, making it important that you don't surrender to feelings of stress or self-criticism. 


Take a moment to check in with your loved ones this morning. This cosmic climate will put you in the mood to spread joy, and your nearest and dearest will appreciate being thought of. A dreamy yet flirtatious vibe will fill the air this evening, which may also usher in praise through your social media pages. Just make sure to unplug from your electronic devices as the day comes to a close, or an opposition between the moon and Pluto could sour your online experience. 


Don't be afraid to throw your weight around professionally this morning. This cosmic climate will act as a gateway to the future, though you may need to open a few doors for yourself. An inspirational yet efficient energy will manifest this evening when Luna blows a kiss to Neptune, making it a great time to get organized when it comes to personal projects. 


Flashes of insight may cause you to view the future in a different light this morning. These vibes will also usher in messages from beyond the veil as the other side guides you toward your highest path. Watch out for emotional exhaustion this afternoon when Luna bounces some unbalanced energy off Saturn, which could be particularly problematic if someone begins to dump their issues onto you. 


The universe will ask you to clean up your act this morning. Use the momentum of this cosmic climate to purge your inbox, sort through your desk, wipe down surfaces, and empty the trash, as the universe encourages you to create a clean and neat space to continue the workweek. Plan on spending the evening at home to indulge in some restorative self-care when Luna blows a kiss to mystical Neptune, ushering in a cleansing and supportive energy that's perfect for resetting your heart, mind, and soul. 


You'll have an opportunity to invest in your relationships without abandoning your identity or independence this morning. These vibes will also give you permission to indulge in your wacky side, so don't hold back if you feel like getting weird. A graceful and airy ambiance will take hold this evening, bringing a lightness to the table that's perfect for poetic conversations and light flirting. Just try not to float too far away during your interactions, or you could end up in murky territory later tonight when the moon opposes Pluto.


You'll have a chance to fully move on from any drama or trauma that has been weighing on your heart today. This cosmic climate will snap you out of any unhealthy fog you may have been floating through recently, giving you a chance to reclaim logic and pragmatism. An opportunity to embrace luxury will manifest this evening, making it a great time to escape the mundane world in favor of some serious self-care, relaxation, and perhaps a bit of online shopping.


You may want to get a journaling session in this morning. This cosmic climate will trigger brilliant ideas and new concepts, though failing to document them could cause you to lose them down the line. Your affections will be in high demand this evening, drawing in the adoration of your family and friends. Just try not to give your energy to people who might drain you, or you could begin to feel emotionally and mentally depleted as the day goes to a close.