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The moon moves into Leo this morning, putting you in a Rambunctious and sassy mood. These vibes are all about embracing your most authentic self. Expressing yourself will play a huge role in any ego-driven healing you may need to embrace right now, as the stars encourage you to unconditionally love yourself. 


You will be put in an open-hearted headspace with an emphasis on loyalty and appreciating your friendships this morning. A connection between Luna and Mars by mid-morning will inspire you to act from the heart, allowing your feelings to take precedence over logic or personal fears. You may struggle between honoring your own needs while catering to the emotions of others as the day continues.


You will feel a steady strength to your mind and voice this morning. Healing is coming your way, as long as you focus only on the people who bring you a sense of security and community. An opportunity to elevate your popularity or expand your social media presence could come into play later tonight so keep your eyes open for that.


You'll feel stable and strong this morning! This luminary placement could also bring out your fancy side, making it a great time to add some drama to your aesthetic. Dressing for the job you want and the pay scale you deserve could give you some positive results in the upcoming weeks.


The moon moves into your sign this morning, bringing a rush of positive vibes to your aura while elevating your mood. You may also sense as though the universe has got your back right now. Don't be afraid to call on the other side if you could use some help right now, even if wishing for love, professional success, or more money feels a bit foreign to you. 


Fresh information or moments of enlightenment could creep up to the surface for you today. Don't be afraid to follow your hunches right now, as your intuition will be working overtime to expose new truths. An opportunity to break away from old habits and toxic patterns will also come into play as Venus connects with the healing asteroid, bringing a transformative energy to the table. 


You'll be the life of the party wherever you go today. Take advantage of these vibes by forging new connections and reaching out to anyone you hope to gain a friendship or professional relationship with. Self-love and romance will also be an important theme for you right now so definitely spend some time on both of those things today.


Your ego and career will feel immediately intertwined today. Luckily, this cosmic climate will act to elevate your aura, giving you an opportunity to shine amongst your colleagues and gain the recognition you deserve. Your business savvy will also benefit from the stars above when Luna connects with Mars, providing the perfect astrological conditions for negotiating and closing deals. 


The universe will ask you to clean up your act this morning. Use the momentum of this cosmic climate to purge your inbox, sort through your desk, wipe down surfaces, and empty the trash, as the universe encourages you to create a clean and neat space to finish the workweek. 


You'll have an opportunity to invest in your relationships without abandoning your identity or independence this morning. These vibes will also give you permission to indulge in your wacky side, so don't hold back if you feel like getting a little weird. A graceful and airy ambiance will take hold this evening, bringing a lightness to the table that's perfect for poetic conversations and light flirting. 


You'll awaken to a sweetness in the air this morning, as the moon enters Leo and the sector or your chart that governs love. These vibes will bless you with a harmonious and alluring aura, making it a great day for flirting, dates, or some solitary self-care time. Your playful side will show itself, presenting you with an opportunity to have some fun, even if you're stuck at work. 


You'll take pride in your work and ability to complete tasks today. This luminary placement tends to bring out the over-achiever within you, though you may need to pull back if you feel tempted to help others with their own to-do lists, especially if you've already got your hands full.