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Use the energy you feel to speak openly about your feelings, and don't be afraid to get a bit of flirting in. Good vibes will continue to flow which will bring a passionate vibe to the table that's perfect for romance. Just remember to cut some time out for self-care and personal balance as the day continues to unfold, or you could begin to feel completely overstimulated. 


You may notice that your mind and body will work well together today. A cosmic alliance between Luna and Mercury will amplify these feelings, giving you an opportunity to work quickly and efficiently as the morning unfolds. Try not to fixate on small details this evening or you could overwhelm yourself with the little things. 


You won't find yourself in a quiet mood today but luckily your words will travel with grace this morning, so feel free to open your mouth and speak what's on your mind. You'll feel motivated to work on projects you feel passionate about this afternoon so definitely put a lot of your attention towards that. 


The cosmic climate surrounding you will give you a fresh perspective when it comes to matters of the heart, providing you with an opportunity to make peace with any friends or loved ones you've hit rocky waters with today. An urge to update the aesthetic of your space could also come into play, and things such as cooking or cleaning will feel more satisfying than usual. So today is the perfect day for that deep cleaning you have been putting off


Your wit will benefit from some sharpening today. These feelings will become accentuated as the morning unfolds, making it a great time to share ideas and process new information. Your words will have an inspiring tone as afternoon settles in and the moon connects with Mars, helping you establish yourself as a leader or a go-getter. 


You'll feel more in tune with the world around you today. Be sure to keep your eyes open for opportunities, new information, and tricksters. A problem-solving element will also come into play this afternoon, which can help you make major headway within your profession, so don't be afraid to step up and share your ideas if you think your colleagues or employer might benefit. 


The moon makes its way into your sign today, bringing a euphoric grace to your aura that will be hard for others to resist. You may feel like the center of attention this morning, putting others in the mood to reach out. This can also help you draw attention to your own talents and successes without the risk of sounding egotistical. 


You may feel like quieting down and taking a back seat today. The universe is going to ask you to take a deep and honest look at yourself and your current situation. Try to get some meditation in before bed tonight, opening yourself to some healing you probably didn’t even know you needed. 


Don't be surprised if you wake up to an inbox filled with messages this morning because you are definitely on a lot of people's minds. The floodgates for gossip, friendly banter, and news will be WIDE open… but you should avoid getting too sucked into your social media pages. A flirty and passionate energy will fill the air this afternoon, so definitely make some time to check in with your sweetheart or latest crush. 


You'll have a calming effect on your colleagues and coworkers today. Your voice will be empowered, making it a great time to pitch new ideas or ask for more challenging work. Your problem-solving skills will come in handy this afternoon, and your efficiency is poised to score some major points with your superiors. 


Take a moment to open yourself up to messages from the universe this morning and finally let your guard down. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for strange coincidences and weird connections. There are some people in your life right now that are putting on a really good poker face, so it's best to be cautious . 


You'll have an easy time letting go of negative vibes, situations, or people today. You will find yourself with a new profound sense of clarity, helping you tap into your personal power while embracing transformation and the destruction that so often comes with it. Allow yourself to be fueled by passion this afternoon and tap into your emotions in a raw and unfiltered way